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Nassau - There's Is Such Thing as a Free Lunch

8 Free and Easy Ways to Begin Educating Innovatively

Lisa Nielsen

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Nassau - There's Is Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Creator of The Innovative Educator
-Learning Network

I am joined today by
Dana Lawitt
-Contributor to The Innovative Educator blog
-New York City Teacher

Writer for
-Tech & Learning
-ISTE Connects
-Leading and Learning

Author of the soon to be released
-Teaching Generation Text

My day job
-Technology Innovation Manager
Office of Educational Technology
Welcome Nassau County!
There Is Such A Thing as a Free Lunch
Free & Easy ways to begin
educating innovatively

Long Island was the teaching mecca!
Better conditions.
Better pay.
Better test scores.
We do have something in common though...
Some of our students dropout
We also have some ways to treat bored students
My boyfriend is one of those parents.
His two bored teens are being treated to alleviate the problem.

They are in the company of 8 million other children who have been clinically diagnosed as being bored in school.

Including me!
Lisa Nielsen
- The Innovative Educator

When you were approximately 3-1/2 years old your nursery school called and asked me to come in to see them because they thought you might be either slow or retarded. They suggested that I take you for a professional diagnosis because while observing you during classes they noticed you were not participating with the rest of the class and you weren't doing your work. You rarely paid attention, you often slept, and you were not interacting with the other children the way you should. They were concerned on several levels. They said they thought perhaps you might be mildly retarded, or your hearing might be impaired, or you had ADD (though I don't think they called it that in those days).

I immediately took you to your pediatrician who referred me to UCLA - Fernald Child Study Center where they talked to you and gave you tests for about 8 hours. About 3 weeks after your tests they called me up and asked me to come into the office for a consultation. I met with three doctors (child psychologists etc) who told me that the tests ALL showed that you were not slow OR retarded, you were only BORED. All the tests showed that you were performing at well above a 3-1/2 year olds grade level academically.

I took you and the UCLA report back to the preschool and immediately withdrew you. I then took you to Swanson's Ranch School where after reviewing the UCLA report you were placed in a kindergarten class. After a few weeks I was called by the Principal of the school and asked if I wanted to advance you even further, but, I didn't feel that would benefit you socially so I said NO.
The Innovative Educator
as a college graduate.
"What I want from my kids’ school is to help me identify what they love, what their strengths are, and then help them create their own paths to mastery of their passions.
-Will Richardson (weblogg-ed.com)
I graduated college
at age 19
and bored...at least during class.
It is time to help students break free
from this cycle of boredom.

Let's exchange pills for passion!
Eh... for Exciting!
Dull for Dynamic!

We can start today by discovering
free and easy ways to begin educating innovatively!

There are some remedies to alleviate the issue.
This hits very close to home for me...
Our kids
are bored!

My high school

And no one had ever asked!
How I got here
Can't do it.
Too hard!
Too expensive
When you've been around as long us, you'll learn...
There ain't no such thing as a free lunch!
There is such a thing as a free lunch!
One of my favorite places in the world
Nassau BOCES & Columbia University
New Teacher Academy at the start of the century
And you needed a lot of experience to get a job.
Hello New York City!!!
Adelphi University
My Alma Mater
My Life as a preschooler
As shared by
my Mom
I was bored,
so I was skipped a grade
I graduated at the top of my class with...
No idea what my interests were.
No idea what my talents were.
No idea what my passions were.
No idea what I was supposed to do.
No idea what I stood for.
School should not feel like a sentence.
School should be a place
for children to discover
what their sentence is...

Daniel Pink suggests we ask,
"What's your sentence?"
Exposure to new technologies
may lead to educating innovatively.
Do not be afraid.
Here I sit in this boring class
Oh how slowly the time does paaaass...
A wasted hour every day
Doing busy work, but receiving no pay.
If making class interesting were a requirement,
I bet my teachers would take early retirement!
All I hope is that maybe one day,
Teachers will learn to teach the right way.

-Excerpt from a poem I wrote *WHILE* in science class
I was bored,
So I started taking college classes.
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