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UTS Housing Application

This presentation will guide you through the application process for accommodation with UTS Housing and also UTS reserved beds.

Housing Welfare

on 10 December 2018

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Transcript of UTS Housing Application

I meet the UTS Housing requirements .
What happens once I have applied?
- paid the acceptance fee and
- paid the security deposit.
You will receive:
Finally: UTS Housing Check-In Day!
When checking into your UTS Residence, the UTS Housing Staff will check the following:
- a valid ID such as a passport or driving license,
- that all your contact details are up to date, and;
- paid the security deposit fee and the first 2 weeks license fee

paid the security deposit fee and the full semester in advance
This presentation will guide you through the application process for UTS student accommodation (and UTS reserved beds)
Any student who is enrolled with UTS can apply
for UTS Housing accommodation.
This means that:
- You have applied for UTS (with over
6 credits) and are waiting for your ECoE
- You have received your current ECoE or
- You are currently studying with UTS
(with over 6 credits)

As we have a limited amount of UTS accommodation due to high demand, we unfortunately cannot accept:
InSearch students
Families or couples
Students from other universities
Short-term accommodation requests
Non UTS students
can apply for accommodation
with UTS Housing?
Five-storey apartment complex with a mix of shared and studio apartments
Games room with table tennis & pool tables
Common TV & lounge room with kitchen facilities
BBQ facility
Study lab with printing and scanning facilities
Free cabled internet
Located in Ultimo
10 minutes away from the UTS City Campuses.
Shopping centres and entertainment are only steps away
Bulga Ngurra
Group of low-rise apartment dwellings (townhouses)
Games room with pool table
Common TV & lounge room with kitchen facilities
Study lab with printing and scanning facilities
Outdoor area with BBQ's & picnic tables
Free cabled internet
Located in Darlington
12 minute walk to the city campus and all conveniences
Nine-storey apartment building (range of studio and share apartments)
Games room with pool & table tennis
Common TV & lounge room with kitchen facilities
Study labs with printing and scanning facilities
Outdoor area with BBQ's, picnic tables, outdoor gym equipment and rooftop garden with views of Sydney
Free cabled internet
Located in Broadway
5 minutes away from city campus, cafes and restaurants, shopping center
Gumal Ngurang
Yura Mudang
Twenty-one storey apartment building (range of studios and share apartments)
Games room with pool tables & ping pong tables
Two common TV & lounge room areas with kitchen facilities
Study lab with scanning & printing facilities
Music room with grand piano and more
Outdoor areas with BBQs and views of Sydney
Free cabled internet
Located on Broadway
Two minutes to Building 1
UTS Housing Residences
There are currently five residences which are part of UTS Housing.
Each of them are different in size, have their own charm and have different licence fees.
Before applying, take the time to check each of them out as you will have to mention your preferred residence and room type (depending on availability) when applying.
Find out the rates for each accommodation type:
First, register online via the UTS Housing website
Choose a contract length (6 or 12 months)
Please note that for UTS Housing accommodation:
- The majority of the rooms are mixed and there are only a few share apartments which are male/female only.
- Twin shares and 9 share apartments are limited
- If a room type isn't appearing in your room preferences, it means that type of room is NO LONGER available.
Your application will be assessed within 3 weeks.
Please note that if you apply during May/June or Oct/Nov/Dec, the assessment can take up to 4-6 weeks due to high demands.
If successful:
1. UTS Housing will send you a Letter of Offer by email.
If the offer suits you,
reply to the email

within the time frame mentioned in the offer
to notify us that you are accepting it. If you fail to reply within the given time, the offered room will placed back into the general pool and may be offered to someone else.
2. You will also be required to pay the $120 acceptance fee + 4 weeks license fee equivalent as a security deposit within the time frame mentioned in your letter of offer.
- your
Check-In Email
This email contains practical information such as:
Your Check-In Date
What you will find in your room
What to bring with you
What to expect
Information concerning UTS Housing activities
Payment options
concerning your licence fee
Do I need an Australian bank account to pay my rent?
- You can do a bank transfer via an overseas or Australian bank account; Or
- You can pay the full amount when checking in using your credit card; Or
- You can pay the full amount via the UTS Housing online portal.
If you decide to pay the rent for the FULL SEMESTER
If you decide to pay the RENT FORTNIGHTLY (every two weeks) by Direct Debit
You will need an Australian bank account.

For those coming from overseas, you can easily open one with any bank once you arrive in Australia (there will be bank representatives at check-in days). Once done, you can provide your new account details to UTS Housing for your fortnightly direct debit.
Please call UTS Security upon arrival on 02 9514 1192 who will assist you with the check-in process.
Checking in on the weekend or out of office hours?
Need more information?
Get in touch with UTS Housing

Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8am to 6pm
Tel: + 61 (0)2 9514 1529
Email: housing.service@uts.edu.au
Check-out more information about our activities on our website and social media platforms
Complete the entire online form
For UTS Housing accommodation:
Select a minimum of two room preferences depending on availability
There is a $45 non-refundable application fee
For UTS Housing accommodation
What should I do now?
Great! This presentation is for you! Click onto the next slide

I am enrolled with UTS but I'm actually looking for Off-Campus accommodation options...
Check out the options we have listed on our Housing web page: http://bit.ly/1iEVhJZ
or contact our Off-Campus Officer (housing.welfare@uts.edu.au)

I'm enrolled with UTS InSearch.

You won't be able to apply for UTS Housing but we do have UTS reserved beds for you with Urbanest, Unilodge and Iglu -
Check out this link for more information
: http://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/support/accommodation/campus-accommodation-0/urbanest-beds-reserved-uts-students
or check out other off-campus accommodation options
Studying at UTS next semester? or Currently studying at UTS?
Looking for UTS Housing accommodation?
can apply for UTS reserved beds

Any student who is enrolled with UTS or
UTS InSearch can apply for UTS reserved beds
at urbanest, Iglu and Unilodge.

Please note that applications for reserved beds are done directly via the providers' website.
Great! I have:
What happens next?
Complete your application form:
First, you have to REGISTER yourself
Payment terms for STUDY ABROAD and EXCHANGE students
One Lump Sum
3 Easy Installments
If you are a new Study Abroad or an Exchange student, you can prepay the whole semester accommodation fees
by 31 July 2018
(if checking-in on 19 July 2018)* and receive a 1 week discount.

! Please note that
if you chose this option you will still need to prepay the first 2 weeks' license fee upon moving in unless you have already paid the full semester accommodation fees.
This can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or cash.
The payments will be three equal installments of your total license fee for the semester. These can be paid by credit card, bank transfer or cash. Payments are to be made by the following dates:

If your check-in date is 19 July
- Payment 1 is: 17 July 2018*,
- Payment 2 is: 17 August 2018*,
- Payment 3 is: 17 September 2018*.

*These dates change for every semester.

General payment information for all students:
*this option is not available to Study Abroad and Exchange students.
Then, login and apply online for a room/studio at UTS Housing
(same link as above).
Then, you can login and start your UTS Housing application form.

- accepted completed the UTS Housing eInduction
- accepted the UTS Housing's online agreement,
Wattle Lane
Studios (small, medium, large, premium) only property
Ensuite bathrooms
Rooftop area
Wifi throughout the building
Five minutes walk to Building 1
Residents at Wattle Lane have access to all UTS Housing events
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