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Persuasive Essay Writing: Evidence? What Evidence?

Template borrowed from Tiffany Mooneyham and tweaked for ELA 9. Please borrow/copy as needed. Comments with feedback are always appreciated!

Christina Andrade

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Essay Writing: Evidence? What Evidence?

Persuasive Essay Writing: Evidence? What Evidence?
These back up your claim, and explain WHY you think that claim is true--
answer the question "Why?" or fill in the "because..." of your claim. They come out of your own thinking, not anyone else's.
You must have evidence for EVERY claim.
These are just explanations of how your
back up your claim. Without
, readers might be confused or not follow your thinking.
Example: Winter has the best clothes of the year BECAUSE it is cold enough to layer cute scarves, coats, sweaters, and shirts. People don't have to choose one cute piece of clothing: they can have as many as they want!
Each reason needs support so your audience will believe you. Quotations/citations from research, books, articles, etc. can be
...so can your own experiences.
Example: If people spend so much extra money on winter clothes, these clothes must be much more attractive to buyers than other seasons' clothing.
When you draft, each should be
at least
As you gather evidence, remember the correct citation!
These will probably take
sentences right after your claim--don't worry, you'll have time to explain them fully later.
Introduction: Hook your audience's attention! Include a thesis: What are you trying to prove to them?
Claim #1:

What's one reason you are right?
Claim #3:

What's a third reason you are right?
Claim #2:

What's a second reason you are right?
Support for Claim #1
Support for Claim #3
Support for Claim #2
Reasoning, Evidence, & Warrants that explain why you are right.
Reasoning, Evidence, & Warrants that explain why you are right.
Reasoning, Evidence, & Warrants that explain why you are right.
Conclusion: Remind us what you proved. End with a creative tie-back to your hook.
Example: Winter is the best season of the year.
(Main idea)
Winter has the best clothes, the best holidays, and the best birthdays.
is what you're trying to prove. It's generally part of a bigger argument. That bigger argument--the overall claim you're trying to prove with your entire essay--becomes the
main idea
of your persuasive essay.
Notice when you put your main idea and claims together, you make a pretty sweet
thesis statement
Example: In a 2012 poll, Old Navy found people spent $200 more per year on winter clothing than any other season (Smith 202).
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