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Research & Eval

Ashley Harris

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden

Glidden Background Insights Major competitors
PPG with 16%
Valspar with 13.5%
Sherwin Williams with 5.9%
Glidden is owned by AkzoNobel United States
Own <1% of overall market share
Exclusive partnership with Walmart in 2012 Research Method Qualtrics survey with 102 results
2 focus groups with 7 females in each
The focus groups had validity and were reliable
Research Objectives
Do DIYers shop at certain stores; how can we encourage them to shop at Walmart?
What are DIYers making?
Where do DIYers get their project ideas? Results Creative Brief Goal: To increase sales of Glidden paint at Walmart, by changing the target market's current perception of the store
The target market currently thinks Walmart has the lowest prices, but they wouldn't shop there for project supplies
We would like the target market to think Walmart is the most efficient store to shop for project supplies Research Instruments Research Instruments Survey Focus Group Caroline Cauley, Kay Cowart, Olivia Forkenbrock, Ashley Harris, Rachel Holden & Doug Peterson Fab 5 + Doug Female Millennials
Considered renting DIYers
Average household income $58,620 Focus groups consisted of college aged students with a few recent graduates
Focus groups said they want to be more interested in projects, but when they are older
BUT they still do craft under certain circumstances Social media is key
When asked to rank paint brands female Millennials were most familiar with:
Sherwin Williams- 80%
Glidden- 36%
Valspar- 44%
PPG- 54%
73% of our target market use paint on interior projects
Exterior projects- 17%
Other- 9% Main preferences are Target & crafting stores
Crafting section and workshops at Walmart
Painting, making & creating
Pinterest with 82%
Social circle and friends Glidden's focus should be females 25-29
Not only for painting walls
Walmart allows these young professionals to stay within their budget Questions? Target Market
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