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Engaging Adolescent Readers!

No description

Grace Farmer

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Engaging Adolescent Readers!

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Engaged Reader Curriculum Adjusting Curriculum Instruction Teacher Support Environment "Engaged readers possess desires to learn and use their best strategies for understanding and interpreting text" (Guthrie, Alao, & Rineheart 1997). Engaged Readers Are Motivated! Self driven reason to read! gain new knowledge
to escape reality
learn how to do something Cited: Gambrell, 1997 Interest drives majority of pre-teen and teen interaction
so why would their reading habits be any different? BUILD ON PRIOR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE! -Face youth's realities
-Incoroporate those realities into the classroom
-Interest follows relevance! Realities & Interest Digital texts
Personally relevant texts
Standards Timing = Pressure!
State and National
Requirements... Relevant? Modify curriculum for students' interest! "Real-world interactions may include such reading
activities as discussing books, magazines, or song lyrics"
(Guthrie & Davis, 2003). Connect to Characters: age
family status
experiences Create Connections! Connect Through Multiliteracies: high level of electronic interaction in
generation = interest & knowledge
Don't eliminate a helpful tool... UTILIZE IT!
Encourage EVERY interaction with texts
(electronic texts too!)
Show students how electronics can be educationa Global community revloves around technology---
academics shouldn't exclude it! Adolescents = Shorter attention spans
& increased boredom --- so make it count! Time consuming? Yes--
but it's better to take time then deal
with a whole class of disengaged students.
Stimulate each student
Less frustration and less failure = more engagement
Customize Reading Plans: Don't Forget:
Reading Instruction doesn't
stop in elementary school! "In the absence of explicit instruction, many
middle school struggling readers cannot learn
the comprehension strategies needed for their
content areas" (Guthrie & Davis, 2003). Teach to Engage! Literature Circles!
Book Clubs!
K-W-L Charts
Reader's Theater Unique place in student's life
gives teacher a role of support Great form of explicit instruction
Students can see and experience success
Teachers share how reading enriches their lives
Students will be motivated to see results and understand
how to succeed! Achievment is obtainable! Modeling! "Responsive teachers make a difference
for students who might otherwise become disengaged
with school literacy" (Ivey & Broaddus, 2001). Be an Advocate! Know the Students! Teachers can provide sense of belonging- Students that feel connected to
the atmosphere, will try harder. Includes the classroom environment, home environment,
and the overall atmosphere that the students operate in
on a day-to-day basis. Environment Determines... what the adolescent reads or writes
what materials are bought or allowed
filters placed on the child Influential People: Parents
Community Leaders
Family Elders Classroom Environment: Sense of Belonging
Comfort and Routine Home Environment: Read for information or entertainment
Parental involvment and discussion
Focus on academics Engaging Adolescent Readers! Adolescents face difficulty in motivation &
engagement with literacies. This is attributed to
changing development in the age range and instructional changes.There are several aspects of the students' life that can be
focused on to help this engagement level!
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