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No description

desirae rabren

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of cocaine

BY: COCAINE DESIRAE RABREN (WHAT WAS COCAINE ORIGINALLY DESIGNED FOR?) WHAT IS COCAINE? cocaine can look in a powder form or pills what does cocaine look like? batman, snow, snow white STREET NAMES (cocaine) baseball, baseballing, coke A gram of cocaine can cost at least $55-$65 COST? A pound of cocaine cost in colombia is $9,000 A pound of cocaine in the united states is
$27,000 people take it as a pain killer and numbs them It can be smoked, snorted, and inhaled. HOW IS IT USED? WHAT IS THE EFFECT IT GIVES THE USER? It causes serious legal problems
destroys personal relationships
ruins jobs and careers PHYSICAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL
THE BODY (what is it?) produces short term euphoria
the user feels energetic, sociable, confident, and happy CANCER: liver, kidneys, heart, lungs LONG TERM EFFECTS ON THE USER (PHYSICAL) (PSYCHOLOGICAL) PERSONAL EFFECTS: depression, anxiety, puranoia it is made from coca leaves THREE ADDITIONAL FACTS cocaine was frist used in the 1800's 35.9 million americans aged 12 and up have tryed cocaine SOMETHING UNIQUE TO THE DRUG cocaine can come in a form of crystal rock OH BABY BY JUSTIN BIEBER HERE WE GO
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