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majo najas

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of GREEK THEATER

Greek Theater
thank you
who could attend the plays

what were the plays based on?
The plays were based on many gods and in political leaders in Ancient Greece. One example is Dionysus, the god of wine and party. They honored him by doing plays and dances. In Ancient Greece there were two types of plays: tragedy plays and comic plays. The ancient people do the tragedy plays by mythology, history or people.

what was the structure of greek theater?
The structure of Greek theater was very large and in open air places. Drama had close connections to religion so the plays were located near sanctuaries. Greek theaters had a place called the Chorus, where there was an orchestra and people sang background information and and made special sounds for the play while singing. The Skene was were actors could go in or out like the back stage in these days. the Parodos is a place near the stage in which audience could go after the performance. in conclusion, the theater had a lot of different features that made it special and unique.

Who created it?

where was it created?

when was it created?

The Greeks created the theater with the purpose of making plays to honor the gods or to make fun of political leaders.
what types of plays existed??
In greek theater there were 2 types of plays
comedy and tragedy.

Greek theater was created in Greece, mainly in Athens were they made their plays in a place called theatron.
It was created during the golden ages of Athens with may other developments that they accomplished to the world.
Name of the play: Trojan War
members: Martina Ribadeneira, Cristobal Malo, Joaquin Laso, Carlos Andres Viteri and Maria Jose Najas.

connection to human ingenuity
In comedy: they made fun of greek myths or public people
In tragedy: plays always ended up with a disaster.
That´s why there are the 2 masks on theather
because greeks always acted comedy and tragedy

The happy mask is comedy

The sad mask is tragedy
Men and women could attend to the Greek Theater, but only men could act in the plays. Women and children had different sits in the theaters. Women could go to see only some plays.
Some times they did the plays on religious ceremonies
The Greeks created the Greek Theater plays like comedy and tragedy. We connect this human ingenuity because they gave us the theater, they gave us a lot of contributions like school, the theater and philosophy. The Greeks created the theater to honor the gods like Athena or Dionysus their ingenuity created many developments that contributed humans until today.
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