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Business Capstone (Ferris)

No description

Carol Shang

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Business Capstone (Ferris)

Ferris Company Business Capstone 301 Marketing(Sales Forecasting) Company Directors
Satisfy customer buying criteria in each round

Focus on High end and Traditional products

Ideal position: try to get close to the ideal spot while avoid over the Revision date Marketing(Price Forecasting) Aimed to increase customer awareness and accessibility year by year

Set price based on the market and customer buying criteria

Focus more on traditional and low end when setting price(23%, 53%)

Bad price forecasting in the first 2 round- price is set too high Set sales forecasting based on our market share and the industry growth

Lots of inventory stock from round 1 to 3 due to the overproduction

Stock out from round 4 in some products because of underproduction.

Sales are increasing from round 5. Jing, Shang - R&D

Ying, Ji - Marketing, Production

Wai Jun, Ong, - TQM, HR

Daniel, Johnston - Finance Production Invest automation in the early stage

Invest more in machinery to reduce production cost & increase profit margin

Increase capacity in early round

Enable more production and won’t affect sales Inventory Stock Performance Indicators Invested early in automation
Issued debt
Re-invested into the company in early years
Invested to extinguish second shift Mission Statement Finance Cumulative Profit = $97,715,649


Bonds-A rated

Emergency Loans - $26,974,096 Maximize our share price and offer a well-made product that is competitively priced in the market in order to benefit stakeholders. Strategy Establish new techniques and processes in Products, R&D, Promo/Sales, Prices

Manufacture our product to be smaller in size and faster in processing

Maximize borrowing for forming products and increasing the contribution margin

Invest in automation and total quality management R&D Stock Price ROA ROE Market Share & Contribution Margin What happened Decrease in profit margin in early years

Production forecast errors caused emergency loans

Maintained market share with increasing contribution margin

Sold less than other companies however matched their profits

Retained dividends- ethical issue

Decided against wage increase in early years – ethical issue Total Quality Management To reduce cost in material, labor and administrative

More investment in reducing R&D Cycle Time and Admin cost. Conclusion . The strategy

. Did it work?

. Problems

. The Future Human Resources Investment in recruitment spending was $5000

Training up to 80 hours

Appropriate spending to train employees to prevent diminishing return

To improve efficiency

To reduce cost Projected Cumulative Impacts of TQM Employees negotiations Hourly wages, benefits, profit sharing % and annual raise

1st round
-No strike day

2nd round
-14 strike day

Example: Australian nurses and teachers Thank you for your attention! Questions?
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