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No description

Emilee Adams

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Google

Larry Page Sergey Brin Are computer science grad students at stanford. They create the search engine BackRub.
Name is changed to google, a play on the word googol, which is mathematical term for the numeral one with one hundred zeros after it.
Google, which began as a company in a garage, is praised in PC Magazine as having "an uncanny knack for returning extremely relevant results". Google then outgrows its garage and moves to an office in Palo Alto as a recognizable company.
Google partners with Yahoo to become Yahoo's search provider. In the same month, Google reaches the first billion-URL index, becoming the largest search engine in the world.
Google branches out to other languages, creating different 10 versions of its search engine: French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, and Danish.
Google buys Youtube for 1.65 billion dollars.
Google releases "Google Chrome", an open source browser
Project Glass is unveiled.
There are an average of 5,134,000,000 searches per day on Google. In the year 2012 there were 1,873,910,000,000.
Google is beneficial to the World Wide Web as it provides a way of readily accessing otherwise difficult to find sources. Google's search engine is superior as it provides the most relevant results for each search.
Google changes its home page logo on occasion to respect famous events and people; called "Google Doodles".
Google provides Gmail, an e-mail service, and Google+, a social networking service, to increase communication between its internet users.
Google has allied itself with several phone companies to enhance their products. In a few years, Google could become an independent phone service.
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