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Eco Map


Stephanie Neumann

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Eco Map

Henry EDU 445 Eco Map Age 11 Interests Football
Video Games
Watching TV
Helping Around the House Cultural
Background Born in Dominican Republic
U.S. Citizen since 2007 Family
Structure Lives at home with:
Three year-old brother

Father and thirteen year-
old sister live in D.R. Language Family's primary language is Spanish.
Mother and Step-father are somewhat
fluent in English strengths challenges goals personality
traits discipline work at areas of difficulty
practice writing skills
try to expand vocabulary funny
extremely competitive At Home:
parents' sit with child and discuss the issue at hand

give child time to reach an understanding
of what went wrong and how to better go
about the situation next time. At School:
Allow student time to cool down
(take a walk, get a drink, etc.)
Take away privileges in classroom
(computer time, free time, specials time,
recess, etc.)
Take away field trip privileges Enjoys playing many sports:

Enjoys to watch TV and play video games

Helps with chores around the house Science
Reading and Writing

"Lots of times I know things in
my head, but then I can't get them
on my paper when I write." -Henry Very motivated student
Strongest Subjects:
-Social Studies
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