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West. Civ. Hittites

No description

Erika Henningsen

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of West. Civ. Hittites

The Hittite Civilization Complex Institutions An institution is a long-lasting pattern of organization in a community. Government, religion, and economy are examples of these institutions. Temples of Hattusha Hattusha was known as the city of temples, and almost all of upper Hattushas foundations are from temples. Great Temple is a large building complex of many rooms in the upper half of the city of Hattusha. It is a temple devoted to the storm god Tesup. Royal Library In 1906 10,000 clay tablets were found in the royal library of the ancient capital Khattushash. These tablets were written in cuneiform in the Hittite language, which was unknown to man. So it took many years to learn the language and translate the tablets into our languages of today. Hittite Economy Hittites civilizations were based upon a fair trade economy that traded in many precious metals and wools. References
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Otes/Hittites.html Advanced Cities The Old Kingdom-(1680-1500 bc
The New Kingdom (1400-1180)
Hattusha (Capital)
Yazilukya Advanced Technology

Trade What makes a Civilized Society?
Complex Culture
Record Keeping
Complex Institutions
Advanced Cities
Specialized Workers
Advanced Technology

• Chariot-making
• Found iron
• Farmers planted barley, wheat, grapes, and olives
• Beekeeping was their sugar industry
• Shoes like skis for snowy mountain passes
• Made cloth
• Traditional pottery
• Metal workers

• Cuneiform Script on clay tablets
• Royal Library holds 10,000 clay tablets
• Carvings depict events, people, and gods
• Important record is the treaty between the Hittites and Wilusa
• Mentioned key geographic pinpoints in their Indo-European language, which is similar to Babylonian
• Wrote about actual events By: Sammi Fletcher, Erika Henningsen, and Brenda Blomgren Specialized Workers Record Keeping Interaction What language of symbols did the Hittites write in? What makes a civilized society? What was the
Hittites main discovery about metals? Answers to Interaction: 1. Cuneiform
2. A civilized society is formed by the organization of government, religion, art, writing, economy, and furthering itself as a city.
3. Iron could be heated, bent, then dipped into water to cool. The metal recieved sharper tips on weapons because of the water part of the process. Citations

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