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Digital Strategy – Mecca Cosmetica

National launch of NARS Botanicals

George Bassiakos

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of Digital Strategy – Mecca Cosmetica

Objectives n = 130 in less than 1 week Botanicals Skincare launch
by Mecca Cosmetica To launch NARS Botanical skincare range and increase foot traffic through the Christmas period.

• Increase in visitation to MeccaCosmetica.com.au from 60,000 to 80,000 per month
• Increase in-store traffic utilising digital media by 2,000 per week
• Growth of email database from 40,000 to 50,000
• Increase in online revenue by 30% for the period Target Audience Looking presentable is very important. They’re always on the look out for new ideas to enhance their image, whether it be from friends, online or magazines.

They’re happy to pay that little bit more for quality, although prefer to shop smart. Their friends are number one in their life, unless they have a family or partner where they come close second. 25-40 year old
female professionals Consumer Research • All have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

• All visit Facebook at least 3 times a day

• All have Facebook on their smartphones

• Nearly all have a membership to Vogue forums

• Would look online for make up/skin care reviews (Make Up Alley was most popular, followed by Vogue forums) – even if they are not active posters, they will go through the forums to read reviews.

• Are savvy online, will buy where it is the cheapest, even if it means buying from overseas (Strawberry.net was the most popular) We surveyed 15 women
aged between 25-40 Opportunities Strategy Why this will work “I AM ALWAYS ON THE LOOKOUT FOR NEW IDEAS. I DON’T MIND PAYING FOR QUALITY BUT I LIKE TO GET GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY AND WILL SHOP AROUND FOR THE BEST DEAL.” “EVERY BEAUTY BLOGGER I FOLLOW RAVES ABOUT THIS PRODUCT, AND IF I CAN'T TRUST THEM THAT IT'S WORTH BUYING, WHO CAN I TRUST?” "I ENDED UP EATING A PACKET OF 2-MINUTE NOODLES, WITH SOME FROZEN PEAS & CORNS ADDED FOR DINNER ON THE LAST NIGHT BEFORE PAYDAY. SO WHAT?” Consumer Insight Leverage alignment with David Jones and utilise cross-target audience with magazine Brand building by association Creation of socially relevant content Generate demand through
exclusive gratification Miranda Kerr Association with David Jones

9th most Google searched celebrity in 2009

6th most Google searched celebrity wedding in 2010

6th most 'Binged' celebrity in 2010 FP and DPS magazine advertisements in November and December issues Online web banner advertising and sponsorship opportunites on Vogue Forum Unique browsers: 663,853

Page impressions: 3,708,416

Sessions: 971,879

Average session duration: 04:04

Engaged users / Relevant content / Active bloggers & sharers Vogue Magazine's online usage/month Circulation: 52,211/month

Readership: 388,000/month

25-54 stylish females with high disposable incomes,
passion for fashion, early adopters, and like to set the scene for
others to follow. Constantly inspired by the new, the beautiful
and the luxurious Vogue Magazine Club Vogue Bi-monthly email to 45,000 current subscribers In-store invitation with Microsoft Tag Exclusive live stream on smartphones
for 12 days Pick up physical invitation through MC stores to drive foot traffic Nearly half of all Australian mobile phone users own an internet-capable phone. 30% access the web regularly, using it to search, email, find maps and to share their lives on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, according to The Nielsen Company. www.smh.com.au/digital-life/mobiles/australians-take-to-mobile-internet-20100429-tszn.html#ixzz1LXkPwXHD Why mobile? Online banner advertising drive to web to find out more info on Miranda Kerr exclusive

Video tutorials and exclusive content Increase in visitation to MeccaCosmetica.com.au
from 60,000 to 80,000 per month Print advertising (glossy women's magazines) drives traffic in-store to pick up the 'exclusive mobile content voucher'

Foursquare check-ins using Newbie, Friends, Loyalty and Mayor badge incentives

Miranda Kerr in-store appearance and workshops Increase in-store traffic (attributed
to digital) by 2,000 per week Growth of MC email database
from 40,000 to 50,000 Xmas gift wish registry (similar to wedding list) email invitation gets passed on to friends

Purchase advertising space within Club Vogue eDM, which has 45,000 current subscribers Vogue Make Up Forum Sponsorship promotion

Mecca Cosmetica website offer of FB online gaming currency with every online product purchase Increase in online revenue
by 30% for the period Mobile app Foursquare will help attract new MC customers or reward the most loyal ones by offering foursquare Specials – mobile coupons, prizes or discounts. These can be seen once users are nearby a Mecca Cosmetica store. The Mecca Mayor of each store gets her own seat that's reserved, and receives a complimentary pamper in the form of a cleanser, nail polish, or coffee. All product purchases made in Mecca Cosmetica's online store will offer Facebook gamers (Zynga games in particular) faux currency called zCoins that unlock premium goodies across all of Zynga’s games. Online purchases reward the FB gamer FourSquare stats makes data tracking very easy Supporting Campaign Thank you.
And Merry Christmas. Xmas Wish List email invitation Sources: AllFacebook.com, Nielsen, Games.com, InsideFacebook. Miranda spikes the trends every time she does 'anything'
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