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on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of Imperialism

Age of Imperialism
1875 - 1914

Describe how European countries took over Africa to exploit it's natural resources.
Essential Question
How and why did Europeans
take over Africa?
Competition for colonies in Africa was so fierce that European countries feared war.
"Scramble for Africa"
When one country takes over another.
European countries needed raw materials to supply their industries.
New markets were needed to sell European goods.
Manifest destiny-Euros had right and duty to share progress and 'civilize' the backwards people of the world.

Britain's lead is challenged
Up until the late 1800's, Britain was the most powerful nation in the world.
had few natural resources, and desperately
needed new resources for their factories.
Germany and America began to challenge Britain for economic power.
Competition among European nations for territories was strong.
Colonies=power, prestige...everyone's doing it.
European Superiority
Europeans believed the new technology developed during the Industrial Revolution proved their superiority.
Europeans also believed that their religion and morals were the right way to live, and felt a strong sense of duty to show others "the right way."
A meeting in Berlin in 1884 was called to settle land disputes between Europeans. (No African rulers were invited)
Berlin Conference
Europeans agreed that any Euro country could claim land by sending troops to occupy that area.
Border lines were drawn without regard to the native cultures.
Africa carved up and divided
The following countries all established colonies in Africa:
European Countries in Africa
Africa became a continent of colonies
By the 1900's, only two countries remained free from colonial rule:
Liberia - A country set up by former U.S. slaves with American support.
Ethiopia - Maintained its independence by defeating Italy at
Battle of Adwa
Benefited from its mountainous geography, strategic position between three major colonial powers and its own strong leader.
Imperialism Video
Draw these five bubbles, and label them according to each area conquered by European countries.
Central Africa
West Africa
North Africa
East Africa
South Africa
Think Pair Share!!!
What is Imperialism?
Think Pair Share!!!
Which country was in the lead?
What two countries were behind Britain?
Three types of Imperialistic rule
Colony = land belonging to Europeans
Protectorate = land belonging to Europeans, but native people allowed to run it.
Sphere of influence = land belonging to native people, but administered by Europeans.
Weather is similar to Europe's weather.
Discovery of diamonds
Importance of South Africa
Imperialism in South Asia
Britain used India's large workforce (2nd largest).
The British East India Company was set up in India in the 1600's.
This company governed India independently of the British Crown, and even had its own army.
The British Crown didn't get involved until it suppresed an uprising called the Sepoy Rebellion.
Describe how and why European
countries took over South Asia.
Essential Question
What natural resources did Europeans want to take from South Asia?
- Indian soldiers working for the British East India Company.
A rumor spread that the British were using Cow fat to coat the bullets in guns = a revolt.
The British East India Company couldn't control the revolt, so British troops were sent to restore order.
The Sepoy Rebellion
Britain built transportation and communication systems.
A good school education, but only for the rich people.
Indians were treated as second class citizens and faced discrimination
Britain controls India
Think Pair Share!!!
What was the name of the Company that Britain set up in India?
Think Pair Share!!!
What was the rumor that started the Sepoy Rebellion?
What were Indian soldiers called?
Indian Nationalism is born
Indians find out what nationalism is all about, and start setting up organizations.
Indian National Congress
This organization demanded immediate independence from British rule.
Gandhi set up a movement based on non-violent resistance.
He believed non-violence was the best way to resist British imperialism.
He was an inspiration for Martin Luther King.
Mohandas Ghandhi
Famous Gandhi quotes
"Be the change you want to see in the world"
"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself i the service of others"
"A man is but a product of his thoughts...what he thinks, he becomes"
"Where there is love, there is life"
Gandhi Video
Describe how and why European countries
took over Southeast Asia, and the effects
on the native population.
Essential Question
What regions of Southeast Asia were
taken over by European countries?
Imperialism in Southeast Asia
China was a self-sufficient country; it did not have a need or interest in European goods because it sold many things to Europe, like porcelain, silk, and tea.
However, the British had an idea...
Imperialism in China
English merchants smuggled opium into China and created a demand for Opium...through addiction.
China found out, they were angry...what do you think happened?
Opium poppy plant
Opium Poppy plant
Opium Poppy plant
The Opium War was fought to try to end British control of the drug, but China lost.
The Opium War
The Treaty of Nanking was signed which allowed Britain to establish a sphere of influence in China.
Treaty of Nanking
Open Door Policy
Americans saw what was happening in China...they wanted a piece of the action too, and be able to sell their goods.
The Open Door Policy was established to enforce an "open-door" or freedom to sell and trade in China.
This prevented China from being colonized, but it's fate was in the hands of foreign nations.
Open Door Policy
Many Chinese citizens felt like second class citizens- IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY!!!
Nationalist groups called Boxers begin to resist foreign occupation.
This was beginning of "The Boxer Rebellion."
Chinese Nationalism
Think Pair Share!!!
Why do you think Britain began bringing Opium into China?
Imperialism in China
List 5 things about imperialism in China, 1 fact for each bubble, 1 sentence...COMPLETE SENTENCES!!!
Imperialism in China
Imperialism in Southeast Asia, Day 2
Describe how and why Imperialist countries took over Southeast Asia.
Essential Question
How did the beliefs of Imperialism
spread to non-European countries?
Japan's isolation
Like China, Japan had practised isolation for a long time.
Japan was given an offer they couldn't refuse by the U.S....agree to trade, or get attacked.
Fearing loss of independence, Japan conceded to trade with the U.S., and agreed to the demands of Commodore Matthew Perry.
Japan's isolation
Japan made the diffcult decision to modernize and industrialize at the expense of ancient tradition and culture.
Japan studied the ways of Westerners, and adopted the best ones.
Japan was smart with its finances and stayed out of debt.
Japan's modernization
Japan becomes an imperial power
Under the Meiji Restoration, Japan rapidly industrialized, and became a powerful imperialist country in just 34 years, from 1868-1902.
However, Japan had very little natural resources inside Japan, and needed lots of steel for their expanding military...
How do you think they got their steel?
Japan took over Formosa (Taiwan) to steal it's natural resources.
Japan takes over Taiwan
After defeating Russia in 1905 (the first time an Asian country defeated a European country), Japan took over Korea.
Japan takes over Korea
The U.S. and Spain had a war in 1898.
After defeating the Spanish, the U.S. took over Hawaii, the Phillipines, and Guam.
These Pacific Islands were rich in resources, and had tactical military advantages.
The Pacific Islands
What are the 3 types of imperialistic rule?
What happened at the Berlin Conference?
"Take up the White Man's burden-
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
A hundred times made plain,
To seek another's profit,
And work another's gain."
English writer Rudyard Kipling's "White Man's Burden"
What SPRITE factors can be found in the age of imperialism in Africa?
What SPRITE factors can be found in the age o imperialism in south Asia?
What SPRITE factors can be found in the age of imperialism in China?
What SPRITE factors can be found in the age of imperialism in Japan?
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