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A timeline showing how the first four days of the online PR battle between Nestle and Greenpeace . It shows the numbers of people online who helped drive the PR disaster for Nestle over the company's alleged use of unsustainable palm oil and resultant dam

Marie Washington

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of NESTLE KERFUFFLE

or what a PR disaster looks like online the international environment and conservation body launched the latest phase of its campaign against the company which makes It inclued a killer logo a clear call to action and a cute, cuddly new internet star REACTED SWIFTLY agreed a social media firestorm that spread across the globe reaching millions of people in the course of a few short days Found a new home for their video on an alternative sharing site ... with 50 tweets per page on a single search term on a single day Teen Pregnancy and the Effectiveness of Abstinence Milwaukee Ad ..True Love Waits.. Has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country
Disturbed factor
Shows effects of pregnancy from male standpoint
Abstinence program that challenges youth to use "positive peer pressure"
Attempts to start a popular phenomenon through the marketing of jewelry Thesis Statement Even though the Milwaukee campain seems more overtly disturbing and the True Love Waits ad more overtly positive, True Love Waits is implicitly also engaged in a shock rhetoric whereas the Milwaukee campaign calls for community involvement in initiating activism against teenage pregnancy. Sources! "The Effectiveness of Abstinence Education in Reducing Sexual Activity Among Youth"
by: Robert Rector Abstinence programs strive to "provide the foundation for personal responsibility and enduring marital commitment" (Rector 1).
On the other hand, these programs have been accused of "silently" giving the ok to have sex and use condoms.
takes on a new Approachof safe sex instead of no sex.
young people who engage in sexual activity in their youth are "50 percent more likely to divorce later in life than those who don't" (rector 9). "Planned Teenage Pregnancy: Perspectives of Young Parents from Disadvantaged Backgrounds"
by: Suzanne Cater
Teen pregnancies are often considered the "norm"
lack of father-figure
Lack of education "Most people I know, they got a kid. It's not like I'm the only one my age--it's fine. It's normal. My mum was the one asking when we was gonna have one..." (cater 59). "Teen Birth Control: Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Contraception Decision Making"
by: Dawn Stacey First have to understand teenage sexual behavior
Some relationships influence contraception usage
Level of intimacy and length of relationship
Early dating leads to premature experience and stimulates sexual curiosity at untimely periods
less likely to use birth control or condom
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