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FCAT Parent Meeting 2013

No description

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of FCAT Parent Meeting 2013

Performance Levels, Portfolio,
and Test Dates
Test Specs, Rigor, and
How can I help?
Who takes the FCAT 2.0?
Why do students take the FCAT 2.0?
Why do we hear so much about FCAT?
Who needs to pass the FCAT 2.0?
What is the FCAT 2.0?

Students must demonstrate skill mastery in Reading and Math.
FCAT test questions are designed to measure the reading, writing, mathematics, and science skills that students should acquire.
The 2013-2014 FCAT assesses student achievement of the
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards
through the implementation of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test 2.0
All public school students in Grades 3 through 10 are required to take the FCAT 2.0
ELL (English Language Learners) students included who will receive extended time and be able to use an English/Spanish dictionary.
Students with special needs also take the FCAT and may receive accommodations that are included in their IEP such as extended time.
All About the FCAT!
Each public school receives an annual grade based on the student performance.
Mandatory Retention
ALL-Grade 3 students must earn a Reading score of
Level 2 or higher
on a scale of 1 – 5 in order to be promoted to Grade 4. or
Show proficiency in all standards through the portfolio assessment
What does each Level mean?
The 6 Good Causes
FCAT Test Dates
Levels, Portfolio, and Test Dates
All About
the FCAT 2.0
Level 5
Student successfully answered most of the questions correctly, including the most challenging ones.
Level 4
Student successfully scoring a Level 4 answers most of the test questions correctly, but may have only some success with questions that reflect the most challenging content.
Level 3
Student has success with the content of the Sunshine State Standards. A student scoring in Level 3 answers many of the test questions correctly but is generally less successful with questions that are the most challenging.
Level 2
This student has limited success with the challenging content of the Sunshine State Standards.
Level 1
This student has minimal success mastering the Sunshine State Standards.
Students who
Score a Level 1
Level 1 students demonstrate minimal success mastering the Next Generation Standards and are generally reading at a gr 1.5 to gr 1.6
Students do have 3 more chances to pass and might qualify under good-cause
1st chance: ASRA test
2nd chance: Portfolio
3rd chance: Summer
Please remember it's not the end of the world!!
English Language Learners
(ELLs) with less than two years, of instruction in the ESOL program.

Students with disabilities
whose individual educational plan (IEP) indicates that participation in the FCAT is not appropriate.

Proficiency through an alternative
standardized reading assessment

Proficiency through
student portfolio.

Students with disabilities
who participate in the FCAT, but
still demonstrate a deficiency in reading after more than two years
of intensive remediation, and were previously retained in kindergarten, first, second, or third grade, and

Students who still demonstrate a
deficiency in reading after

two or more years of intensive remediation and were previously retained in kindergarten, first, second, or third grade for a total of two years.
Portfolio will only count if the student receives a Level 1.
It will start every Wednesday in January
There are 10 Untimed portfolio assessments (1 every Wednesday)
2 additional passages are provided if needed.
Each session is 70min long; a total of 140 minutes per
subject area

April 14th & April 15th
Monday: Session 1 Reading
Tuesday: Session 2 Reading

April 21th & April 22th
Wednesday: Session 1 Math
Thursday: Session 2 Math

Test Item Design for Reading
Test Item Design for Math
Rigor is the key to success!!
How can I help my child?
Thank You for Attending!!
Test Specs, Rigor, and
How can I help?
Reading (50-55 items Multiple Choice)
Average length of passages are 500 words per story
60% Literary Text (Entertains in the form of poetry, drama, fiction, and nonfiction)
40% Informational text (Informs about a subject matter)
Test Item Design
Vocabulary: 15-25%
Reading Application: 25-35%
Literary Analysis Fiction and Nonfiction: 25-35%
Informational Text & Research PROCESS: 15-25%

MATH (50-55 Multiple Choice)
50% Number Operation, Problems and Statistics
20% Fractions
30% Geometry & Measurement

The hardest part of the test for students is being able to sit still and hold their stamina to read 4 passages and answer 25 or more questions per session!!

Practice test taking strategies such as reading the question first, looking back for the answers, and eliminating 2 answers that don't make sense. This skill does take time. Practice makes perfect!! =)
Help with Reading
Read, Read, & Read with them every night.
Ask your child about what he or she is reading (characters, setting, problems, resolution, and main idea).
Use the Task Cards when reading to ask higher order critical thinking questions.
SUPPORT us in Reading Plus 3 x week. Statistically students who are using the program 3x week receive a passing score of a 2 or higher.
Use FCAT Explorer daily
Assist your child with their FCAT Monthly for Reading.

Help with Math
Make sure your child is completing any Chapter Online Animated Math assigned and you are using the Chapter Study Guides before a test.
Destination Mega Math Button at the top of each lesson page on the “Go Math” website.
Assist your child with their FCAT Monthly for Math and check their homework daily.
Go Math: www-k6.thinkcentral.com. Direct link provided on the 3rd grade webpage.

Helpful Websites

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