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Intern Final Presentation

No description

Christine Kirk

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Intern Final Presentation

Christine Kirk
Business Development Intern
Bryan Clemenz
Setting up Trainings
Project Manager Boot Camp
Leading Leaders (I'm an ENFJ!)
High Impact Facilitation & Chartering
Leading at CH2M HILL
Lunch & Learn with Kathy Pileggi
Workplace Violence Awareness Training
AK Leadership Competency Development
Office Updates
Contact list updates:
Added "Business Sector" SharePoint dropdown menu
Native Affiliation

Thank you!
Arctic Thunder Airshow
Family Safety Day
Learning & Organizational Development Intern
Josie Wilson
Gather & prepare materials
Set-up facility
Attending (LL, Leading, LCD)
Assisting facilitators
Tear-down/clean up facility
Enter info and rosters
Compiling Nondisclosure Agreements
Adding Client Recognitions to BD SharePoint
New hire paperwork- badge/flight requests, scanning
Destruction/Record retention- Old HR files from VECO
Petroleum Club of Anchorage Golf Tournament
Fab Shop Timelapse
Safety Moment

Get out of the water quickly
Do not remove clothes or shoes
Always wear your PFD
Always dress for the water temperature
Field test your gear
Swim test your gear every time
Imagine the worst scenario possible and prepare for it

Cold Water Safety
My Summer
McLaughlin Youth Detention Center
Voting Competition
Almost all of the pictures were taken of/by me.
Only two photos in this entire presentation are stock images!
What I've Learned
Networking- Meeting people, making connections
Use your resources! (CH2M HILL University, graphic designers, reprographics, people you've met, etc.)
Use common sense and always have a plan B
My long-term career goal:
Help develop people and be a resource for knowledge
Fun times at CH2M HILL!!
Driving the Snack Cart
Ordering Earplugs
Creating hand-outs
Working with Red Cross
Order backpacks and smashlights
Budget constraints: vision vs. reality
Emergency contact cards

Figuring out how to use a GoPro
Picking up memory card from fab shop weekly
Editing footage
Ordering and learning to use attachments and scheduler tools
Getting better with experience!
ASCI Voting Competition
Civic engagement
Internal competition- prizes
E-mail confirmations
Creating and printing posters
Finding the easiest way that large groups can respond to an email
Contact and engaging North Slope employees
Representing CH2M HILL
Setting up prizes at PCA
Excel Training courses- creating and coordinating training to take place at Deadhorse and Alpine in October and November
Please do not share this video, we are still in the process of getting the permissions to use it publicly :)
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