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Absolut Las Vegas

No description

andrea menendez

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Absolut Las Vegas

The Absolut Sin
Advertising Objectives
Reinforce brand image within Las Vegas

Increase sales and brand loyalty in night venues of Las Vegas

Increase awareness

Achieve differentiation from our competitors

Reach new costumers

Target Audience
Between 21 and 40 years old
Medium to High Purchasing Power
People who live in or visit Las Vegas
People interested in new trends, fashion, music and design
People who are highly conscious of achieving success in their lives both professionally and personally

People who are fun, outgoing, young at heart, trendy, globetrotters and unique
Brand Position
Product Features
Bottle: Innovative, attractive and unique design.
Flavor: Rare mix of cactus and desert fruits

Competitive Advantages
Limited Edition with only 200,000 bottles
Sold only in Vegas
Position it as the main flavor for exquisite and trendy cocktails
Create the need of taking a piece of Vegas back home
By drinking Absolut Vegas you will have more fun that you could ever imagine
Absolut Vegas will give you the best experience of your life
Use local ingredients and embrace the Vegas culture with the exclusive cactus flavor

Consumer Insight
Social Media

Online Competitions

Taste Testing
Creative Concept
Campaign slogan
“What Happens in Vegas”

To portray Absolut Vegas as fun, sexy, vibrant
Idea that with Absolut Vegas “every night out is a Vegas night out”
The product should reflect the party, gambling, wild lifestyle that is Vegas Sin City - “The Absolut Sin”

Selling Premise
Absolut Vegas will make you more confident, fun, reckless

Only with Absolut Vegas can you have the best night out

Absolut Vegas will bring new meaning to the word

Magazine ad


Bus stop demo

Case box (case of 6 bottles)



Pop up bar
Media Objectives
Increase Absolut Vodka sales in Las Vegas by 15% within the first financial quarter since the release date.

Sell 15% of the total amount of bottles produced during the first month of release. (30,000)

Vehicle Selection
Out of Home
Fashion Magazines
Magazines for Men
Online Strategies
YouTube commercial
Absolut LV App
Absolut LV website

Social Media
Communication Tools
Public Relations
We will host an
Absolut Vegas 24 hour party
, where celebrities and socialites will be attending. Likewise, the press both local and international will be covering our breathtaking event.

Direct Marketing
Social media:
We will create two special hashtags:
#AbsolutVegas – win exclusive invitations to the release party
#MyAbsolutSin – encourage customers to post about the brand to win prizes

Pop up bars: The best opportunity to try the most Absolut LV tempting cocktails done by the most famous mixologists
Communication Tools
Personal Selling
Focus on B2B
Sell high volume to liquor stores, Nightclubs, and casinos among Las Vegas area

Sales promotion
Sampling/taste tests
Contest: use of hashtag for tickets to the release party

Integration strategy (maximize synergy)
Night clubs and casinos also aid in promoting and advertising
$15 million budget

Based on: Historical Method and Objective-Task Method

Purpose for Budget: Absolut to be top-of-mind vodka brand in Las Vegas
Absolut is the 3rd largest vodka brand in the world

Sold in 126 different countries

Made of the finest winter wheat and the purist water

Absolut Limited Edition has featured 8 different cities across the US

Introducing New Absolut Vegas: Prickly Pear Cactus Vodka

Pulsing Strategy
- pop art
- local flavor
- enduring style
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