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International LDS Church

Reli 540 Mormonism Presentation

Jason Purvis

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of International LDS Church

The International LDS Community:
Faith Without Borders? A Moment with
John "Mr. Rogers" Stoller:
The History of The International Mormon Church THESIS: We argue that there is a significant difference between the American LDS community and the international LDS community as proven through our historical research, interviews with missionaries and international LDS Church authorities, and an interview with an Evangelical Christian Indigenous Church astor in Kenya. International LDS Churches:
Beyond the US Borders Local Reception of the LDS Community: Appreciation or Animosity? The International Missionary's Experience: Serving the Nations Acknowledgments and Thanks to:

Elder Lucas Mavromatis
Sister Sarah Street
Elder Charlie Kaye
Elder James Mayo
Elder James Heilpern
Elder Annah Layman

The LDS Congregation, France
The LDS Congregation, Japan
The LDS Congregation, Argentina
The LDS Congregation, Canada

In addition to:
Anonymous LDS Congregations
Anonymous Missionary Respondents

Spring '10 Reli 540 Class

John "Mr. Rogers" Stoller
Ethel Ndombi
Zach Temple
Jason Purvis

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