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No description

Elizabeth Marren

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of STOP

My story.

to have a friend. She would never let me do anything. She slapped me on the back a lot. One time I guessed I asked a stupid question and she slapped me on my face. After that I was not her friend anymore.
Friend's Story (My Best Friend)

My friend has been bullied her whole life. But this is one of her stories in her own words.

"First of all I was bullied by my "friend" in 1st grade. She pulled my hair and told me I was going to get it. Everytime at recess or in the classroom she picked on me. Until I came to Columbia Elemementry."

That is not being a friend. But now she has me and other friends that are very nice to her.

My Friend Story

¨ This guy called me alien head¨

That is short but it is still bullying . You should never call people names.
A girl I know

¨In 4th grade a mean girl always took my friend. She always hurt my feelings.
Stop! Don't bully. I am making this to tell all of those bullies to back off! This is my story and some other people's stories.
My friend

¨When i was younger a girl forced me to be her friend. She would never let me do anything. One day i wanted to go to the bathroom and she said ¨If you go i won't be friends with you anymore and I will punch you.¨ So I told her I was going and she pucnched me.¨
My Sister's story

My sister had some really mean friends. They were nice at first but turned really mean. They did some bad stuff to her. But I don't know exactly what though. She will not tell me. So I never ask. It must of been pretty bad.

So this is are some storys by some people I know. Bullying is not right and should stop! Say no to bullying!
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