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COR-320-04 presentation

Olivia Tenan

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of mHealth

mHealth in Africa By: Olivia Tenan What is mHealth? Mobile Health (mHealth) is the use of mobile technologies to support public health and clinical care.
Why do we need mHealth? Kenya spends $6.2 US dollars per capita when the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends $34 US dollars per capita.
Issues that many countries face high costs of operations and energy, limited funding
Postives of mHealth Easier communication-electronic health records
Easier to help fight chronic diseases
Cost effective
Improve weak management systems and unreliable supply systems
Education programs Knowledge of available vaccines
GlowCaps Works with AT&T and Vitality to discover motivation levels
Automatically send reminders and refills
Issues That Need to be Solved Confidentiality
Non-universal platforms
Behavioral and structural changes need to occur
Technological issues
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