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Medievel Art

No description

AJ Iversen

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Medievel Art

Medievel Art and Propaganda How did art affect thought? God Appears at the Center He is Surrounded by Creation Portrays God's Power People Were Illiterate
People Were Naive
The Church Was the only stable part of a peasant's life
Dependant Upon The Church Therefore the Church had a huge influence on the people "there occured thoughout the world...a rebuilding of Church basilicas...each
Christian people strove against the others to erect nobler ones. It was if the
whole Earth, having cast off the old by shaking itself, were clothing itself
everywhere in the white mantel of the Church" E.G. Holt, A Documentary History of Art. Volume 1, 1957, p.18 What is Art? ? ? Disciplines Integrated Art History
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