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Four brothers collectively known as "PRICECREW" are releasing their first album entitled "Live, Love & Groove" this summer. Are you listening?

Philip Price

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of PRICECREW

PRICECREW Live, Love & Groove
summer 2010 Presents It began in 1999,
at an elementary school talent show.
is made up of four brothers... Philip Zachary Jacob Caleb In the summer of 2001 PRICECREW recorded their first song entitled “Hyped.” They headlined two shows with Alice 107.7
at Wild River Country in 2003. In 2004, they opened for Brooke Hogan,
daughter of wrestling star Hulk Hogan. PRICECREW has also opened for Aaron Carter & Jordan McCoy . . . In 2008, PRICECREW began writing songs for their first full CD This garnered some interest from the public In 2005, they released "Our Notion" A collection of early material... . . .that allowed them to perform original music for the first time. All the while performing at. . . town festivals Relay for Life's Riverfest By 2009, half of the album was complete. . . In the summer of '09 PRICECREW performed at Magic Springs Opening for Disney Channel Star Raven Symone As well as performing one of the best Michael Jackson tributes around. . . Live, Love & Groove You've Just heard
the first single,
"Dance, Like Nobody's Lookin'"
from the upcoming CD
"Live, Love & Groove"
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