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The Life of Yugo Hachiken

AUT BCT Year 1 2015 Semester 2 CTEC503 Interactive Storytelling "Rethink Failure" Retelling Silver Spoon from the perspective of the failures from Yugo Hachiken's life.

Y Cin Wong

on 16 August 2015

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Transcript of The Life of Yugo Hachiken

The Life of
Yugo Hachiken
By Y Cin Wong
YUgo Hachiken is the second son in the Hachiken Family.
he grew up in an oppressive environment due to his father's strict demands and the constant academic competition. His father expected and demanded excellence in his sons' academic performance. even though Hachiken did not enjoy it, getting good grades was his only way of gaining validation and recognition for his existence.
However, the constant need to excel proved to be a strain mentally and emotionally. It made him timid and because of that, he didn't make many friends growing up. His mother, Misako Hachiken, tried to be the peacemaker in the family and acted as a buffer from his father's harshness.
His older brother, Shingo Hachiken, was quite the academic achiever as well. he made it into the prestigious Tokyo University and because of that, yugo was being compare
to a brother . it was one of the reasons why yugo really stresses about his life.
Unfortunately, Yugo has failed his entrance exam
to his ideal high school. yugo can't stand under the pressure anymore, he just wants to escape from his house and go far away. by coincidence, his teacher, Shiroishi recommends yugo to study at Yezo Agricultural High School at hokkaido.
option A
if you are yugo, what would you do?
a. decide to study at yezo Agricultural High School
b. continue his study at the
high school from Shin Sapporo
option b
The first day at Yezo high, the teacher was giving a tour of the school to the class. during the tour, there was a calf that was wandeing around. the teacher went to get the feeding pail to guide it back, but, Yugo thought the teacher just left the calf around and so, he was wondering if the calf would run off.
if you are yugo, which action would you take?
a. try to catch it
b. do nothing
option A
option b
when yugo successfully caught the calf he realize
he was lost. Luckily, his classmate came there to
rescue him. the failure yugo made has lead him to
meet his crush, Aki mikage. thus, if he didn't try to
catch the calf, all of this will never happen.
The class was split into eight teams of five members. he met his teammates through the weekly chores.
With extracurricular activities compulsory for all students at Yezo High, because the deadline for club applications was fast approaching, Yugo was forced to find a school club to join.
Unfortunately, the first club he comes across is the Holstein Club. Thankfully, the Equestrian Club’s supervisor, Nakajima rescues Hachiken from their clutches. After meeting Aki at the Equestrian Club and learning a bit about horses, he is convinced to join the club.
With most of the students at Yezo High going home for Golden Week. the original plan was for the ookawan (the club president) to take in charge of the stable duty, but a family emergency has occurred.
yugo is not going home in golden week. if you are yugo,
would you volunteer to help ookawan?
A. no
b. yes
option a
option b
Yugo and Aki are among the few students who remain in school due to club duties. Aki invites Yugo to go to the racetrack where he is introduced to Ban’ei racing (horse racing).
One of the horses that were in the race was from Aki’s house. However, the horse only placed third. in the horse racing world, horses with poor results are retired. but if the horse is lucky, it can become a carriage horse for events, but most of them become horse meat. it’s the same story outside of horse racing. For livestock, effort means nothing. It’s all about results, so effort isn’t rewarded.
The first-years of dairy science are learning about pigs. piglets actually compete for a position at the udder, as the teats at the front produce more milk. the Piglets soon capture the hearts of the students, especially Yugo Hachiken, he really wants to name his favorite pig.
would you name your favorite pig if you are yugo?
Yugo Hachiken continues his study at shin sapporo senior high school. However, yugo is struggling to survive. he forces himself to study and does not interact with anybody. sadly, the workload started piling up and the pressure was immensed. eventually, he couldn't handle anymore pressure and decided to commit suicide.
THE end
go back to the previous scene
yugo decided to do nothing because he lacked knowledge and exprience of agriculture. in the end, his teacher used the feeding pail to guide the calf back. but sadly, yugo didn't try to chase the calf and because of that, he can't get to know the female protagonist. thus, the story can't continue.
the end
go back to the previous scene
this shows us that trying is better than doing nothing,
even if you have failded, at least you've tried.
i can accept failure,
everyone fail at something,
but i can't accept not trying.

-Michael Jordan
According to the National Police Agency in japan, The number of students who committed suicide at 2010 in the country hit a record figure of 1,029, up to 101 cases or 10.9 per cent from the previous year . furthermore, An average of almost 100 Japanese people killed themselves each day at 2014. the graph above created by Nippon.com based on npa annual suicide figures, it shows that 375 students commited suicide in 2013 because of the problems in school. this means that everyday in japan, there is one student who commits suicide.
to check out more information about youth suicide in Japan, please go to

Yugo is shocked to find out that most of his classmates have clear dreams for the future. He tries to preserve his identity by getting top scores on tests, but fails to achieve even that. Each student has an area of expertise; a classmate who cannot keep up in mathematics but gets 100% in animal husbandry.
if you choose to name your favorite pig, you've just failed as a normal agriculturist but most of the students disagree about it, pigs arent considered as pets because It will eventually become pork. Everybody is used to pigs being livestocks. in the end, yugo named the pig “Pork Bowl” because Tamako suggests that if Yugo insist on naming him, make it “Pork Bowl” since that’ll let him raise it objectively.
unlike Yugo, whose goal was to get good grades, they excel at something in order to make their dreams for the future to come true. Yugo was jealous about his friend that has full of ideas for what he wants to do. On the other hand, his friend was more jealous of Yugo because he's the top student. Overall, Hachiken achieves top marks, but he is not satisfied with that at all and he is questioning himself why.
what do you think about why yugo is not that happy after all?
when the students participated in a campus-wide clean-up, Yugo discovered a brick oven. his fellow schoolmates discovered that it can be used to make pizzas, because Yugo is one of the few people in the school who actually knows what a fresh pizza tastes like, he is assigned to make the pizza.
However, he started to regret about it because he was scared of failing. under the pressure of expectation from his classmates and his crush, Aki, It made him hard to speak out.

given the circumstance, what would you do?
a. Tell his mates that it’s not possible to make it.
B. Don’t tell anybody and struggle by himself
and think that something will eventually work out.
option b
option a
After saying out the problems, Yugo’s friends started to give him some advice and help. Moreover, Yugo got to know that their farm lets them do whatever they want with the produce that isn’t part of an ongoing project. When Yugo went to ask for help from everybody, everyone was willing to help Yugo. After all, everyone wants to eat pizza.
through a week of hard work, the day of baking the pizza finally arrived. People who showed up were more than expected. Before baking the pizza, Yugo thanked all the people who helped him. When the pizza was done, Yugo was worried if he failed or not, but it was a big success, everyone was happy about the result and even his teacher from junior high saw it and is glad that he is doing well.
this shows us that if yugo has given up half way, nothing would've happened. even if he had failed, no one will blame him since he has tried his best. everyone who had helped him can see that he had put in all his effort. This tells us that if you have given all your best, failure is better than giving up or not trying.
to be continue...
thank you for reading
based on silver spoon (anime)
Yugo didn't volunteer for the stable duty so he
lost the chance to work with aki. he spent his whole golden week studying and missed out on the oppurnity
to learn about horse racing with aki. if he was volunteering, aki would've asked yugo to watch horse racing with her. hence, if yugo was willing to volunteer, he wouldn't have missed out this oppurnity. this shows that yugo hasn't change from before and nothing will change.therefore, the story can't continue.

THE end
go back to the previous scene
"Nothing changes if nothing changes"

-keith Abraham
"change brings
- nido qubein
yugo spent one week struggling by himself without
asking for any help. Eventually, he failed to make any
pizzas for his classmates because he couldn't speak up his
problems which caused him to fail. everybody is disapointed at him. he is embrassed and coudln't
handle anymore humiliation which lead him to drop out. because of this, the story can't continue.
the end
go back to the previous scene
"he who is afraid of asking
is ashamed of learning"
-david proverb
speed mode
normal mode
press the right arrow key to start the story
fast & quick. no options will be chosen and many scenes will be missed out.
use the middle click to adjust the size of the screen

use the left click to adjust the screen movement
take your time & enjoy the story
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