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Copy of Theme

Explores what themes are, and how we find them in literature

Dean Ackerman

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Theme

Abstract Nouns
What can we learn from the
Abstract noun + Author's lesson = Theme
Something you can think of, but not touch
(Using an abstract noun)
Families must stay together during hard times.
Use the abstract noun. What is the author
trying to teach us about that abstract noun?
Good will conquer evil.
Conservation can make the world a better place
What if I'm having a hard time
figuring out what the story is about?
Look at:
1. What a character learns/discovers
2. Conflict in the story
3. Symbols
good and evil
Now you!
1. Pick a movie or book or a story.
2. Write down 3 abstract nouns that
describe what it's about.
3. Write what we can learn about that abstract noun.
4. Pick your best one and share with the class.

You've picked out a theme.
(author opinion)
a couple notes:
do not explain what actually happens in the story.
themes should sound universal--they can apply to real life.
Mr. Zarate continues to dance even though people scream in horror when he does.

Human strength can overcome even the greatest adversity.
Mr. Zarate loved playing the guitar. On the weekends, he calls all of his friends up just so he can leave his favorite Taylor Swift songs on their voicemail. When he bought his first guitar, he knew that he could fulfill his dreams. One day, he called up Mr. Yaek to play his favorite song, "Love Story." Little did Mr. Zarate know, Mr. Yaek owned a record label. When he received the message, he instantly called Mr. Zarate to tell him he was going to be a star. Finally, all of his dreams have come true!

What abstract nouns fit the story? What can we learn about those abstract nouns? What is the theme?
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