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Discover Yoga Breath by Breath

Learn the basic components of a complete yoga practice.

Desiré Hendricks

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Discover Yoga Breath by Breath

Discover Yoga Breath by Breath
Ahimsa: Non-violence

Satya: Truth

Asteya: Non-stealing

Brahmacharya: Continence

Aparigraha: Non-coveting

Saucha: Purity

Santosha: Contentment

Tapas: Ardour or austerity

Svadhyaya: Self-Study

Ishvara pranidhana: Dedication to Something greater than one's self
Breath control
Sensory Withdrawal
Enlightenment; Bliss; Supreme Conciousness
The word yoga is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word "yuj" meaning yoked. Loosely translated it means "union." Sanskrit is the language of ancient India where yoga originated. Yoga was developed to teach people how to draw together the mind, body and spirit to achieve a perfectly balanced state and live harmoniously in a seemingly discordant world.
Yoga Means Union

My workshop, Discover Yoga Breath by Breath, offers an opportunity to take a closer look at the eight limbs of a whole yoga practice. Many yogis spend a significant amount of time with the asanas, yoga poses, and that's great! The poses offer physical and mental benefits when practiced regularly. Consciously practicing the other limbs--breath control, concentration, meditation, self-reflection--causes your yoga practice and life off the mat to evolve in wonderful and unexpected ways!

I teach yoga because I love it. I teach because when people decide to pursue yoga, it's a gift that keeps on giving. I'm so excited to share this workshop; It gives me the opportunity to share aspects of practicing yoga, which in my experience enrich the practice of yoga and one's quality of life.

Currently, I teach classes for the YMCA and 24 Hour Fitness. I also offer private and small group classes. My teaching style draws on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and traditional Hatha Yoga .

To register for the workshop visit: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/home?studioid=31448

Wishing you all of the Best,
Desiré Hendricks
Email: desireyoga@gmail.com
Twitter: @DesireYoga

The practice of Yoga is comprised of the eight following limbs.
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