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Helmut Geigk German Soldier

No description

lucas peters

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Helmut Geigk German Soldier

ww2 soldiers stories
Will S. Arnett 1st Lt. USAAF
“One time there was a fighter way out and up to our left and everyone in the formation I think was shooting at him. I happened to glance toward the sun to our left and there was a FW 190 sitting up there ready to come in. I yelled over the radio that he was coming in and about that time I saw him rock his wings and knew that he was on his way. He came straight for us and I saw his guns blazing and saw Thomas duck. He missed us and hit the #3 man in our element in the right wing with a 20 MM cannon.”
Walter McElvain U.S. Army
Great buildings are in ruins, and in some places entire villages have been laid waste, and nothing is left but fallen stones and ashes. How many people are still buried under all the debris no one knows
Harold Plank U.S. Army
gunfire, It wasn’t too long until we were all atop the cliffs, except for those who had been wounded from machine gun fire, or hand grenades, which had been dropped on us from above
Lt. J.P.H Guy British
I forgot to mention that the other morning (last Friday, I think) as we were getting up a flying bomb flew overhead spirting flames from its tail. Our A.A. gunners fired at it, although it was flying towards the German lines, but luckily didn't bring it down. So I hope it landed on some Jerries! It was flying at about 250 feet and in a S.E. direction
Helmut geigk Germany
A direct hit from about heavy grenade launcher on the bahndamm brings an earth wall in our gallery to the slides and spilled four comrades head and largest part of the body, as we had 2 man just got some gravel and stone particles in the face and my right arm and shoulder were spilled something, we have become aware of it and the victims were once again free. 09/17/1942
By Lucas Peters and Brandon Oswald
Captain N.J. "Dusty" Kleiss
LT(jg) of USSAF, USA
Ten minutes after the attack I saw a large explosion amidship on the KAGA. Rockets of flame, pieces of steel bolted upward to about three or four thousand feet high.
- battle of midway
Gordie Bannerman
Battery Sergeant-Major of Canadian Army
They just blanketed the valley with mortars coming in by the hundreds. But we survived that until a day or two later when the big railway gun started firing on Montemaggiore and one of our young fellows was badly wounded with it, and subsequently passed away. I've got very tender thoughts for Scott Coyle because when I bent down over him on the stretcher, I said, "Coyle, just lay still." And he said, "I know you, Gordie." And put his arms around my neck and, well, by the time they put him in the truck to go to an aid post he was gone. - Gothic Line 1944
William Henry Smith
Private in North Nova Scotia Highlanders
He’s dead. Rodney is dead. He’s dead. He just lived the most painful 2 hours of his life trying to hold his stomach from bleeding and I wasn’t even there for him. I wasn’t there. Why the hell couldn’t it have been me? Why? Why did I even volunteer to join this war, why did I force Rodney to join with me? It’s all my fault.
Roger W. Birkman
Bomber Pilot in USAAF- USA
Over Belgium we began taking flak from the ground. The tail gunner said we had been hit in the rear, and the plane was on fire. Within minutes, the plane grew harder to control, and I gave the order to bail out. I put the plane on autopilot, and the 10 of us climbed into our parachutes. I dropped open the bomb bay doors, and we could see the countryside passing below. The men began jumping, one after the next. I went last. It was my first jump.
Arthur Ward
U.S. Army
During one very heavy air attack by German planes, the air was full of shells from our Bofors anti aircraft guns, and from one of them, a piece of shrapnel came whistling down and hit me on the shoulder. Fortunately I had my tunic on and the metal had cooled down and lost a lot of its force, so I was not injured at all.
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