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Mara Panzar Thesis 2

No description

mara panzar

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Mara Panzar Thesis 2

The social contract is unclear during screen-driven interactions, because cues available in interactions in the physical space, eye-contact, facial expression, and tone of voice, are missing. PROBLEM: Social ergonomics, a proposed system for etiquette that would span both the virtual and the physical space, can mitigate the disruption of social cohesion and invent lasting habits of constructive interactions. HYPOTHESIS: Importance of credibility SUCCESSFUL COMMUNITIES World of Warcraft + Cristin Norine, Isolation Project HYPERCONNECTIVITY “It’s a place where your brain is in constant motion and you can’t seem to stop it long enough to focus on one thing” + + + + + + IDENTITY FORMATION Increases user loyalty
Helps ensure long-term use + Deeper user ties
Users uphold a certain standard of quality in communication
Stabilizes membership
Increases the quality of our interpersonal dialogue BUILD-UP OF TRUST Moderation system that allows registered users to vote on the quality of content Increased responsibility
Increased persona consistency Unified system of identification for a user, no matter the environment GOAL-BASED UI Scoreboards, badge systems, and a rewards program sponsored by retailer tie-ins + UNIQUE LOGIN & UNIVERSAL AVATAR SELECTOR MULTIPLE NETWORK DISPLAY BADGES & NETWORK INTEGRATION REWARDS & RETAILER TIE-INS POSTER SERIES City-wide advertising series including bus shelter and subway ads INTERACTIVE MAILER Pulling the tab of this self-mailer reveals campaign message and an alternate visual BRIDGING THE GAP With the advent of augmented reality smart-wear, a user’s online standing, as determined through BetterSocial, could be instantly shared, thus completing the melding of their online and offline lives, and ensuring their increased interest in upholding a more positive online persona. ONLINE ADVERTISING Simple jQuery code turns any partner site into an interactive ad; functionality shown to be 70% more effective than regular online banners User feedback and checks system craigslist + + + Manage all online accounts
Reflect on previous interactions and their effects on others
Build up a credible persona more like the offline one BetterSocial works primarily through a developer's app designed to help users: +
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