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No description

Stephanie Martinez

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of DynaNotes

REPRODUCTIVE: allows the production of offspring.
Human Body Systems
it helps you for STAAR!
Body Systems
The Ennnnnnd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You Buddys!
MUSCULAR: allows movement, like a heartbeat or flexing biceps.
CIRCULATORY: uses blood to move oxygen and nutrients to cells and carry waste products away from cells.
DIGESTIVE: breaks down food so that it can be used for energy.
EXCRETORY: removes unwanted waste from the body.
INTEGUMENTARY: protects body and provides sense of touch.
NERVOUS: monitors internal and external environment and coordinates the body's response to changes.
RESPIRATORY: brings oxygen to blood and takes carbon dioxide away.
SKELETAL: supports body, protects organs, and allows movement.
ENDOCRINE: regulates functions like growth and development.
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