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Silent Trails

No description

Thea Cunanan

on 4 October 2014

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Transcript of Silent Trails

Silent Trails
Deep Meaning
The poem expresses that the lonely atmosphere of the Benguet Hills is the same as a lonely person. A person who is lonely is always silent; just like the Benguet Hills was described in the poem. As we go deeper in the trails we discover new things, just like when we find out a lonely persons thoughts. We discover their true feelings and emotions that they are keeping in because they do not have anyone to share them with.
Literal Meaning
This poem tells about the silent atmosphere of the Benguet Hills, and because of this you can only hear the music that is produced by nature. Like the movement of ferns caused by the wind, the echoes of colliding bamboos and the sound of the pakkongs that the women beat as they pass by the trails. It also tells about the beautiful nature you can find as you walk along the trails of Benguet Hills.
Silent Trails
Silent Trails
Silent are the trails of Benguet Hills

When the mist veils the sun

Even when the wind stirs the ferns
And the bamboo brakes sing
Their echoed murmurs.

And the laden Benguet women pass;
Beating their pakkongs*
In cadenced monotones.

Even so,
These trails are lonely...
And deep are the ravines,
And higher still the skies.

By: Marcelo de Gracia Concepcion
Thanks for Listening!
Reported By:

Cholo Aguilar
Sean Briones
Thea Cunanan
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