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The Dodo Bird

No description

m bammer

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of The Dodo Bird

How the Dodo Bird became Extinct!
What the Dodo Bird Ate
You may be wondering what the extinct Dodo Bird ate so long ago. Well to answer that question for you, The Dodo Bird ate lots and lots of Fruits.
Detail 4
The Dodo Bird
The Dodo Bird
By: Kaiyal
The Dodo Bird Isn't The Brightest Animal!
The Dodo Bird became extinct because they weren't the brightest animal on the earth. The Dodo Bird thought it could fly, but it really couldn't fly.
Well Scientists believe that the Dodo Bird got eaten by humans until extinction. We believe that the Dutch Sailors ate the bird to extinction. So that is why the Dodo Bird isn't here with us today.
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