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Sociology Taster Session

No description

Jennifer Louise

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Sociology Taster Session

Sociology Taster Session
Liverpool John Moores University
Social Research
Common Male Stereotypes
Gender Roles, Representations & Stereotypes
Common Female Stereotypes
Top 10 Global Brands 2012
What is Sociology?
Course Overview
1st year-
Sociological Perspectives
Identity, Power & Equality
Social & Green Issues
World Development
What does it mean?

Merging of global cultures
Increase in world trade
Worldwide growth & spread of corporations
Spread of capitalist values throughout the world
Sociologists are interested in how gender is represented through the media
Activity 3-
Activity 1-

Work in groups of 4
Final year-
Race, Power & Resistance
Body Politics: Gender, Sexuality & the Body
Policy & Protest
2nd year-
Social Theory
Research Methods
Myth, Magic & Religion
Write at least 3 answers on a post-it note
What topics would you expect to come across whilst studying Sociology?
Aim of today's session...
Today's session will focus on-


Global brands, world trade, world development

Media representations, stereotypes and effects

Social Research
Research methods, why social research is important
Is globalisation a good or a bad thing?
Global Brand Takeover
Activity 2-

What were the top 10 global brands of 2012?

Look at sheet and work in pairs or groups to determine the order of top 10 global brands
Media stereotypes can be positive or negative
Does the media represent reality?
Does anyone have any examples?
Why is research important?

Helps to shape policy
Gives groups of people a voice
Helps us to understand individuals, groups, society as a whole and different cultures

As we have seen, sociologists have many topics to explore...
Social Research
Choose one of the following topics and create a research plan/spider diagram

Effects of social networking on teenagers
Attitudes towards UK riots in 2011
How recent government cuts impact people in everyday life

Your research plan should answer the following questions

What research methods will you use? E.g. questionnaires, interviews, surveys
Who will be your sample group?
What is the aim of your research?
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