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western australia

No description

Sophie Donchos

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of western australia

western australia
the important events!
When the gold rush started in Western Australia and people were very very sick and tired some people were foretunate to find gold but some people became poor from paying their taxesand their licenses.
how was it established?
The origanal state was to be the harbour town of Albany however this was soon moved to the fertile Swan River valley,wich is now the site of Perth and Fremantle.They named Western Australia at 1831.
who led the journey?
Stirling went to Britan to convince the colonial office to establish a colony in Dutch New Holland (Western Australia).The English didnt want to settle in Western Australia right away.
before european settlement!
Indigenouse people lived an evvironmentley harmoiuse hunting and gathering life style for more then 65,000 years on the contient now known as an Australia the arrival of European settlers in 1788.
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