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Mandatory PE in Schools

No description

Jacob Hoffman

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Mandatory PE in Schools

Against. Phy Ed should be
a choice and not mandatory in
order to free up time for students. My Stance The Opposition 1. Teens will learn health
2. Without PE, teens will
become overweight.
3. Teens won't learn
about their interests in sports. Supporting Points 1. Mandatory PE takes up
class time that students could use for their real interests.
2. PE provides an environment for bullies.
3. PE can leave students tired for the rest of the school day, work, free time etc.
4. Many teens play extra-curricular sports by choice and do not need PE.
5. Simple Health classes could provide students with a way to learn healthy habits
like diets and exercise.
6. Even with PE, many teens are still overweight. Phy Ed is not helping this.
7. Students will learn about their interests in sports the natural way, by playing them with friends.
8. Many students take Home School PE in order to free up time for classes they actually want to take.
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