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Carolyn Sutherland Curriculum Vitae

No description

Carolyn Sutherland

on 15 July 2015

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Transcript of Carolyn Sutherland Curriculum Vitae

Carolyn Sutherland
Curriculum Vitae

Carolyn Sutherland
Bachelor of Education (Teaching) Primary
Diploma in Education Studies
2009-2012 Massey University

Provisionally Certificated Teacher
Christchurch, New Zealand

Teaching Philosophy
The supportive teaching and learning environment recognises and promotes the acceptance of diverse individuals
Learning occurs within a collaborative and constructive community
High learning-focused expectations should be clearly communicated
Learners should be encouraged to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that support their active participation in their community and wider world
The teaching and learning environment is influenced by the relationships developed with the wider community, particularly family/whanau
Personal Skills & Attributes
Enthusiastic and positive - I enjoy challenging projects and embrace opportunities to engage with people.

Organised and self-motivated - studying via Massey University's distance education programme has helped me develop these qualities, as both were crucial to completing my initial teacher education.

Life-long learner - I love discovery and am curious about the world. I really enjoy working alongside students and colleagues as they progress on their own learning journeys.
Te reo me nga tikanga Maori
I am currently completing a Diploma in Te Ara Reo Maori through Te Wananga O Aotearoa.
This programme has raised my spoken and written Maori language use to an intermediate level, giving me the confidence and skills to interact in te reo in both traditional and modern contexts as well as using and teaching te reo in the classroom.
During teacher training, I completed an optional course on the creation and use of e-learning environments for students and have continued to develop my understanding of innovative education in the digital age. I like to integrate digital tools across learning areas to give students opportunities to create, communicate and collaborate.
Curriculum Interests

I have undertaken two inquiry projects on the effective differentiation of writing lessons and increasing student motivation for writing. I have a strong interest in literacy learning and see mastery of communication literacies as core to student success.
In 2013 I received a parent nomination for a ‘Most Inspiring Teacher Award’, due in part to their child’s progress and confidence with written language.
Parent Nomination for
Inspiring Teacher Award 2013
I recognise that as a beginning teacher my philosophy, and how I apply it in the classroom, is currently aspirational and will continue to develop with experience.
Springston School, Canterbury, NZ
Scale A Teacher - full-time
January-December 2013 (fixed-term 1 year)
Teaching a year 2-3 class at a growing rural school with 21st Century resources
Member of Te Reo Maori leadership team
Working with diverse students including Down Syndrome and hearing impaired
Attended Incredible Years proactive classroom management course
Te Ara Reo Maori Level 2 certificate as professional development

Pre-education Employment
Waiouru School, Ruapehu, NZ
Teacher Aide
September 2007-December 2010

Assigned to assist students with autism, in class and on EOTC trips
Primary assistance with daily literacy and numeracy learning
15 days as emergency relief teacher in 2010
Environmental Education - I am keenly interested in teaching ecology, conservation and environmental sustainability.

Cycling and yoga - I like to maintain good health and see exercise as part of a well-balanced lifestyle.

Family and friends - I have two school-aged children and try to maintain a sensible work-life balance.
Employment History
Further Information
Professional Blog:

Twitter: @akoaroha


Thank you for your viewing time

Regular Release Teacher 2015 (Term 1)
Burnham School, Burnham, New Zealand
Release teaching across all year levels 1-8

Casual Relief Teacher 2014
Burnham School, Burnham, New Zealand
West Melton School, West Melton, New Zealand
Relief teaching across all year levels 1-8
West Melton School, Canterbury, NZ
Scale A Teacher - full time
April - Dec 2015 (long-term reliever)
Teaching a year 3-4 class at a rapidly expanding rural school
Te reo Maori / Kapa Haka team
Working with diverse students including gifted and dyspraxic
Atuatanga Wananga as professional development
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