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Study Skills/Time Management for NSS

No description

Lindsey Dedow

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of Study Skills/Time Management for NSS

Study Skills and Time Management
Pair Share
What have you noticed is different in college than in high school?

V. Complete Worksheet
Overview of workshop topic and goals.

Share with the group one thing that you discussed in your pair...
Hand out study skills worksheet
Pair share
one thing from the worksheet that surprised you

one thing you are doing well

and one of the changes you would like to make this semester.

Group discussion
Share with the group an answer you discussed in your pair...

Hand out Study Smarter worksheet

The research that backs up the study skills assessed on the previous worksheet.

Hand out weekly and semester schedules and the worksheet on using both.
Time Management
Semester Calendar
Weekly Calendar
this is a template for every week.
i. Start with the things that aren’t flexible
ii. Then the less flexible but very important
iii. Study time: how to calculate how many hours…
iv. See how many hours you have left for socializing, social media, etc.

Group Discussion:
High School vs College
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