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The Crucible Seminar

No description

Justyna Zukowski

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of The Crucible Seminar

The Crucibles of the Crucible
The title of Arthur Miller's The Crucible strongly reflects the events that happen in the play
What does "crucible" mean?
Mary Warren
•Mary Warren first shows pressure when she is with John Proctor and he is telling her that she must go to the courts with him and explain how the poppet was put into the house (Page 80).
"Crucible: A place or occasion of severe test or trial"
In conclusion, the title of the play shows significance in each of the characters in its own way. Each character is tested, whether it be a test of religion, an issue within a relationship or pressure from the people around them. By showing the power of his title through the characters and events within the play, Miller encourages his readers to use his metaphor in other scenarios in history.
by: Kaylee Hamilton, Greg Litster, Justyna Zukowski
•Another section of the play when Mary Warren experiences pressure is when the characters are in the court room and Abigail and the girls are mimicking Mary and saying that she is doing things to them.
Puritan Religion
-The pressure to be perfect is shown through accusations, such as the ones at the end of act 1. Abigail blames Tituba, Tituba blames the devil and then all the girls blame women in the village of witchcraft and dealing with the devil
- To make themselves look more “godly”, characters would lie to protect their names and stay true to puritism. On page 19, Abigail tells the girls that they must lie about what they were doing in the forest, and only admit to dancing
John Proctor's Marital and Familial Love
- One of the strains on the relationship between the Proctors was Abigail Williams, and John Proctor's previous affair with her. On pages 21-24, Abigail and John are alone as Abigail goes on about how much she loves John and how much John must love her
- The witch trials put an unbelievable test on the morals and ethics of the citizens of Salem. Through pages 137-144 John is questioned as to if he saw Rebecca Nurse or Martha Corey with the devil to which he denies.
Can you think of any incidences where Elizabeth's love for John was shown?
2:39 - 2:55
Abigail is an orphan, and Mary Warren is a servant girl. How have the events, specifically, the trial given them “power” that they never had before?
In the play, a character that undergoes a significant change is Reverend Hale. What do you think led to this change? Could it be from the work of a crucible?
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