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iPads for Preps FINAL

No description

Jessica Pace

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of iPads for Preps FINAL

Who should be responsible for the iPads?
80% Classroom Teacher
16% Nominated Teacher
4% Other
-ICT coordinator
- Split duties between classroom and nominated teacher 300 iPads for students and teachers
Management system called Casper suite - iPad wireless system
Present personalise learning
Many iPad success stories from students
Full time iPad coach
School's technician Blake stated "The devices will put me out of a job because they are so self-efficient!"
A challenge Warringa Park School has identified is that it can be difficult to demonstrate an activity on the iPad to a class of students. Warringa Park School is looking into a visualiser that can project the iPad onto a large screen. Thank you
for your time Killara Teacher Response Each Student has an iPad
Each student is given $100 to buy apps
Asked parents to hold onto credit
School opened own iTunes account to download apps to sync with other iPads
Mandatory parent information night and to sign agreement form.
Technical support available from school
Epsom Primary School Research tool
Develops curiosity
Independent learning
Promotes collaboration through group work.
Promotes Blooms Taxonomy as it leads to higher-order thinking and questioning. Promote Enquiry Learning

They read from left to right with return sweep, and from top to bottom.
They use title, illustrations and knowledge of a text topic to predict meaning.
They use context and information about words, letters, combinations of letters and the sounds associated with them to make meaning, and use illustrations to extend meaning.
Students are aware of the sound system and the relationships between letters and sounds in words when spelling.
They form letters correctly, and use a range of writing apps..
Listen to and produce brief spoken texts that deal with familiar ideas and information.
Sequence main events and ideas coherently in speech, and speak at an appropriate volume and pace for listeners’ needs.
Developing fluency with forwards and backwards counting.
Developing a range of mental strategies for addition and subtraction problems.
Investigate and describe number patterns formed by skip counting and patterns with objects. AusVELS Links DISADVANTAGE
At such a young age children need to develop basic writing skills first and iPads can be seen as an interruption rather than an advantage.
Are they too young to understand the IT implications? For example, students not being able to navigate or use apps.
Responsibilities of looking after the iPads.

The iPads will not be used in replacement of writing lessons, they could be used as a literacy rotation activity, extension activity or reward.
Provide professional development for staff and students to use the iPads correctly - knowledge is power.
Put a lock on the iPads to eliminate accidental deletion of apps etc.
Use contract template for students to sign, stating consequence if they misuse the iPad. Make boundaries clear from the beginning.
Remove any distractions on devices if necessary. Disadvantages New learning – ICT skills
High level engagement
Variety of learning tools
Portable learning device
Accommodates different learning styles
Personalised learning
Allows appropriate challenges for students to tackle
Promotes collaboration Advantages Discuss and consider various issues that will be involved with introducing and using iPads in Prep classrooms.
Investigate the cost involved and the variables that need to be considered.
Investigate applications (apps) that would best suit this age group and make links to AusVELS.
Explore possibilities of using iPads in learning activities across all AusVELS domains.
Incorporate ideas that promote enquiry learning.
Explore the advantages and disadvantages of implementing iPads for future preps of Killara Primary school. Project Brief Cost Prep Parent’s Survey Response
Warringa Primary School (Hoppers Crossing)
Epsom Primary School (North East Victoria)
Manor Lakes Specialist College Prep- year 12 (Wyndham Vale)
Kismet Park Primary School (Sunbury)
Parkwood Green Primary School (Hillside) Case studies Free Apps
EBooks – silly story
Mad Math
First words
Whizzit 123
Toddler counting
Bubble Harp
Jack and the Beanstalk
Red fish 4 kids
Tens frame app
ABC for ipad/ phonics
Idea sketcher
Plant app
Sound note Applications Children are naturally attracted to and engaged with technology. In this 21st century learning, preps are considered digital natives. As educators we should use this natural interest to our advantage. Introducing a new learning tool such as the iPad, will allow students to explore and extend their natural curiosity in the classroom through access to learning experiences that innovate traditional learning methods. Rationale Presented by Erin Holland, Jessica Pace & Marinel Tuazon iPads for Preps Who knows what an iPad is?
56 out of 68 students = 82%

Who has used an iPad?
47 out of 68 students = 69%

Who has an iPad in their home?
29 out of 68 students = 43%

Most common uses:
Play games
Practice sight words
Take Photos
Read books
Listen to music Prep Students Survey Response Currently have 16 iPads for the entire school.
iPads are shared between all years levels
Book-in system whereby teachers can book 5-6 iPads for a 2 hour period or for as long as they are available.
Apps for literacy, numeracy, art, science are already uploaded onto iPads.
Formative and summative assessment undertaken using iPads. Kismet Park Primary School Currently have 20 iPads for the entire school.
iPads are shared between all years levels.
Book-in system used.
Parkwood Green Primary states that iPads 'present to personalise learning'.
The school sees the iPads as another step forward- an opportunity for it to revisit and challenge their views on curriculum and make learning even more relevant and engaging. Parkwood Green Primary School How do you feel about the possibility of using iPads to enhance learning in the classroom for Prep students?
42% Strongly Agree
52% Agree
0% Neutral
0% Against
6% Strongly against

How important do you believe it is for Prep students to have access to digital technology?
52% Strongly Agree
29% Agree
13% Neutral
3% Against
3% Strongly against

Would you be willing to attend an information / training session for the use of iPads?
84% Yes
16% No How do you feel about Killara Primary School Using iPads in Prep classrooms?
43% Strongly Agree
39% Agree
18% Neutral
0% Disagree
0% Strongly Disagree Received the most iPads in the iPads for learning trial.
Staff and students used the first 5 months of the trial for free play to experiment with apps with the purpose of understanding, gauging the interest of the students and how teachers can incorporate apps into their curriculum.
Corrie Barclay stated "We have definitely seen a positive shift in students learning, especially with a cohort of usually disengaged boys... and we have a great level of engagement because of the iPads".
Currently 91 iPads are used for year 5 students. Manor Lakes is currently looking to use iPads for all year levels including Preps.
Manor Lakes will continue to experiment with the iPad and explore its potential as a 1 to 1 learning device. Manor Lakes Specialist College What do you think are the benefits of using iPads in a Prep classroom?
23% Increased Engagement
15% Improved behaviour
15% Improved ICT skills
18% Increased learning
8% Increased Communication
8% Stronger Collaboration
13% Increased Creativity What do you think are the disadvantages of using iPads in a Prep classroom?
33% Breakage
27% Maintenance
28% Cost of Apps
0% Negative impact on learning
6% Less time handwriting
6% Decreased time for reading Other Accessories iPads will create a new collaborative learning opportunities through personalised learning and increased engagement.
Caters to differentiated learning styles through a range of apps and tools.
Children are thought to be naturally attracted and lured towards technology and as educators we should use this natural interest to our advantage.
It is our role as educators to provide resources and learning opportunities for ICT native students in the 21st century.
Work undertaken at home and school can be saved and used as ongoing assessment of student learning. Should Killara Primary School
invest in iPads? If you were a Prep teacher would you
like an iPad?
96% Yes
4% No Student iPad Contract If you were a Prep teacher how would you use an iPad in the classroom?
Reading / stories
Number recognition
ICT skills
Sight words
Group rotations
Link to IWB
Whole class introductions
Drawing /Art
Music How many iPads would you like per room?
10% 2-4
48% 5-7
32% 10+
10% Entire (Whole) Class Estimated Total Cost per iPad unit with basic accessories; Item Cost
iPad (Basic Model 32G) $649.00
Griffin Survivor Case $44.95
Ear Phones $35.00
Stylus Pen* $5.99
Bubcaps* $5.99
Screen Protector* $4.99
Total $745.92
*Items not from Apple store, excluding stylus pen and Bubcaps. Item Cost
Stands $29.95-$69.95
Speakers $80-$300
Griffin Crayola Studio $39.95
Apple iPad adapter $35.00
Wireless Keyboard $75.00
iPad 16 GB $679.00
iPad 64 GB $899.00 N.B Prices above are estimated averages. Unit prices will differ between brands and store. App Cost
Social express $94.99
Cookie Doodle $0.99
Sonoflex Free-109.99
Picture the sentence $0.99-10.49
Art Maker $6.49
Jigsaws 123 Free-$1.99
Train tracker $2.99
numbers $12.99
Whiteboard Pro $4.99
Math board $3.99
Good reader $1.19
Macdonald HDFree- $1.99 Samsung Galaxy 32GB $742
Asus 32 GB $574
Acer 32 GB $492
Asus 64 GB $874 Tablets N.B Prices above are estimated averages. Unit prices will differ between brands and store. Considerations For Killara Considerations for teachers & school;
Implementation process
Cost of Apps
Maintenance, general wear and tear
Training for staff and students
Incorporating it into the classroom/ curriculum
Considerations for Parents;
Parental consent,cooperation & compliance for the use of iPads.
Cyber safety
Considerations for Students;
Training Session (if taking home)
Wear and tear
Challenging at the beginning, but adequate level of opportunity to learn.
iPad contract Warringa Park Primary School How do you use the iPad for work?
As a wireless way to operate IWB
Use apps via IWB
Literacy / numeracy apps
Organisational tool/ diary/ calendar
Assessment records, attendance records, behaviour, music apps, note taking
Use Splash Top app (can connect to laptop)
Teaching apps
Group work
Independence Teacher Response Continued Do you own an iPad?
54% Yes
46% No Teacher Response Continued
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