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New Year New Friend台德國際交流專案

No description

Annie Tsai

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of New Year New Friend台德國際交流專案

start N.Y.N.F Applying authentic language提供真實的語言應用情境/對象
Content based project融合其他科目知識
For fun 因為有趣! The story begins... 1. exchange photos
2. exchange video clips 1st 見面禮 教學目標:
能學會欣賞自己與別人的文化 Project Discussion討論
Production作品 Teaching process Teaching material Challenges Care to do this with your kids? New Year New Friends Duration: September,2010-June 2011
Age group: 4th graders Exchange media交換媒體: posters海報/video clips短片 Teaching activities
教學活動 scavenger haunt_poster vid Qwiki
Project peace
OUP POSTER SHOTS 1. Different schedule
2. Limited teaching hour
3. How much errors should I fix? Things I learned 1. It's an effective way to put English learning in the right context.學英語是有意義的
2. It integrates 4 skills 能將外語學習中的4個技巧做較有效的結合
3. It can rejuvenate teaching mindframe 對師生都是有趣的課程
4. It can be a detector of how much students really know能評量出學生較真實的能力
5. It's a content-based project 能有效結合其他科的知識
6. Better for extra-curriculum club 較適合社團活動 1. int'l postcard swap for familities
2. OUP everybody up 潛龍玩英文>NYNF台德交流計劃
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