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Results - Death of a Salesman

No description

Karl Jackson

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Results - Death of a Salesman

You need a targeted sales and business development strategy to succeed.

• Devise a clear plan of how to engage them
• Define who you’re targeting: your ideal customers
Increasingly hard
to win business
Adapt the way you approach the sales process

• Be agile to capitalise them
• Be proactive to generate the right opportunities
Open doors to the right people: key influencers and decision makers involved in the selection, specification and procurement of your product or service.
Use the way you approach the sales process to differentiate your business.

• Sales people = Advocates of your proposition

• Sales people = Informed and passionate about your offering

Show how your business will add value by meeting customers’ goals
and solving their problems
Focus on quality not quantity
Target the right people in the right organisations at the right time, and qualify
throughout the sales process, even before the first contact.

• Leverage your credibility and profile customers to diversify and grow

• Establish a dialogue with your prospects Focus on profitable opportunities

Consider the wider
decision making unit

• Sales cycle is long – don’t put your feet up after first success

• Qualify for the short, mid and long term

Don’t forget third party influencers – they can help you further down the line
Build an effective – and cost-effective – customer engagement strategy and have the right people opening doors
• Concerned that your sales people don’t have the right skills
for effective telemarketing?
• Worried that focusing on qualifying leads means less time
for F2F meetings?
Outsource elements of your business development
Free up your sales people to focus on converting leads into customers
Increase sales people’s F2F selling time
with genuine decision makers
Higher conversion rates
Intelligent telemarketing + Market research
+ Right data + Market intelligence
Sales people only meet pre-qualified prospects
with genuine interest in your business
Target key
decision makers
You need a targeted sales and business
development strategy to succeed.

• Define who you’re targeting:
your ideal customers

• Devise a clear plan of how
to engage them

Follow these tips to achieve success

• Create a sales environment that’s conducive to growth

• KPIs centred on generating the right opportunities

Contacts with no real interest in your product or service are unlikely to become customers
This ensures every prospect you meet
primed and ready to convert to a customer
Eliminate key barriers to effective sales and marketing
To achieve your business development goals, you need to:
Do you want to increase sales and improve
market awareness of your business?
We offer targeted, tangible results with our intelligent telemarketing, business development and research services.

We have over 25 years’ experience working with suppliers of products
and services to the construction, built environment and industrial markets

Contact me at


or on

01604 881404

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