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The Son's Veto

No description

lucia paz

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of The Son's Veto

This is a story about the life of a woman called Sophie who started being the maid of Mr Twycott and ended getting married with him, leaving her town and family.
Once his husband died the feelings of loneliness invaded her, as her son was as a pupil in school .
When she met the gardener again, who worked at Mr twicott's house with her, she felt in love with him and wanted to come back to her hometown. But her son, as he was a gentlemen, didn't let her do that.
The time go on, and finally she ended dieing alone. The Son's Veto Characters Analysis Sophie Is Sam a good son? Sam was a gentleman and belonged to his father's social class. When her mother asked him for permission to marry Sam, the man she loved, he refused. "It will ruin me [...] It will degrade me in the eyes of all gentleman of England !" He thought that he was doing "social-suicide" as his father did. Because of him Sophie died alone and unhappy.
He didn't sacrifice for her mother by moving to her home or letting her marry with Sam, but her mom sacrificed for him. Sophie She belongs to another social class than her husband and her son. She was uneducated and her grammar was corrected many times, which she didn't liked it, by her son, called Randolph. "Mr. Twicott was commiting social-suicide marrying her", that's why they moved together to another town where anyone knew them. When her husband died her uneducation wasn't hide anymore and didn't fit in that town anymore. She wanted to come back where she belonged to., but ended dieing alone and bored as she was before
Theme Sacrifice
love for your family Sam He worked with Sophie, and proposed to her but she denied. They belonged to the same social class. One day they again, and fall in love. He made Sophie remember the way she was and her hometown. He waited Sophie until the day she died. Sam, the gardener Mr Twycott Sophie's son Mood Sadness
Love Place Little town in England Moral lesson enjoy life and love your family.
Sophie didn't enjoyed her life, but she loved her son.
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