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The Idiot's Guide to Grading By Standards

No description

Aimee Antilla

on 13 July 2012

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Transcript of The Idiot's Guide to Grading By Standards

It's not that you don't
already grade by standards. Every aspect of your work is designed around following them, right? The beginner's guide Grading by Standards But to grade by specific standards, and not by assignment, is much more difficult than it sounds. it will make your job unbelievably difficult. your grading practices will change. Your assessment practices will change. The TYPES of assessments you create will change. Your focus will change. what kids see from you will change. Kids' capabilities will change I see it like this.... Grading by the standard will help students become more aware of what they can capably accomplish. but getting there isn't simple. this is what it looks like in the beginning. Letters Numbers Checks 1
4 advanced proficient basic below basic rubrics which means... because the standards for language arts are stupid. because the standards for language arts are vague. 18 3
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