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Adnan Syed; Innocent

No description

Jackie Garcia

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of Adnan Syed; Innocent

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Adnan Syed, age 35, was accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999. Although there are many loopholes and unsolved questions throughout this case, we believe that Adnan is innocent. Through all the many missing pieces in his case and lots of evidence that can prove him guilty, can be debunked.
Mr. S discovered Hae Min Lee's Body at Leakin Park forest. It's a little weird that he found the body just like that when pictures show that it was hard to see where she was buried. Why would he go far into the woods just to go the bathroom. Mr.S was on his way to work when he could've just waited when he got there. This means that someone must of told him that something was there and he decided to go and check it out.
At the start of episode 4, Sarah starts talking about Jay's inconsistentcies. Only two of them really stood out in the case. Jay reported that Adnan said "I'm going to kill Hae" 5 days before she was . In his second interview he reported that Adnan told him that the day she was murdered. In the first interview, Jay said that he saw Hae's body but that he didn't help Adnan bury it. Later on as he goes to the second interview he said that he did help Adnan bury it.
Best Buy
Jay said that Adnan called him at 2:36 pm from Best Buy so he could get a ride and go to track practice, but why would Adnan need a ride from Jay if he already had Hae's car? If Adnan left the car at Leakin Park and Jay did go to pick him up, then why would Adnan risk himself going back to where he killed Hae and move the car. Police said that Hae was murdered around 2:36, it would be impossible for Adnan to get out of school, kill Hae, bury her body, and call Jay to pick him up in a small period of time. What's also weird is that there was never a payphone outside of Best Buy. So, Jay woulc've have to gone inside to recieve the call. Jay's testimony about the calls logs didn’t make sense on the time line since he was giving out different times.

Adnan Syed; Innocent
Adnan's timeline

7:45-10:40 am
10:45 am
Adnan calls and offers Jay his car
10:45-11:15 am
lunch (Adnan leaves w Jay)
11:15-11:30 am
Adnan gets dropped off at school, Jay keeps his phone
11:15 am -12:50 pm
free period
12:50-2:15 pm
Psychology class
1:27 pm
Adnan marked late for Psychology class
2:15-3:30 pm
Adnan goes to library to check his email and talks to Asia
3:30-4:30 pm or 5:00pm
Track practice
4:30-5:00 pm
Jay picks up Adnan from track (Adnan says they probably ate)
6-6:25 pm
Adnan and Jay go to “Cathy’s house”
6:07-6:24 pm
Police call Adnan looking for Hae
7:00-8:00 pm
Adnan goes to pick up food to take to his Father at the mosque
8-10 pm or 10:30
evening prayers at the mosque

Finger Prints, Call Logs
On episode 6, police find a fingerprint on Hae's map in her car. This piece of evidence doesn't really matter because the fingerprint could have been there at the time they were dating. It also talked about how the incoming calls weren't really reliable. AT&T said that incoming calls are not reliable for information on where the location was.
If this was pinned on Adnan, it was not thought out thoroughly seeing as to how many things we can tell are not correct. We can conclude from our timeline that the state didn’t use correct times and evidence to even make it look like Adnan did murder Hae.

Hae’s old friend, Summer said that Hae couldn’t have been killed at that time because both of them were talking during the time 2:30 through 2:45. Asia also claims that she was talking to Adnan after school in the library, and she even saw him after she left which was around 2:40 pm. A really important piece of evidence is that no soil was re-collected from Adnan or Hae's car, this was concluded from Rabia. Also, investigators did the DNA on her body but they didn't test Adnan for it
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