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WW1 Machine guns

No description

Brendon Jacobs

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of WW1 Machine guns

WW1 Machine guns
How did the machine gun affect ww1 in a good way
The Way out
Machine guns affected WW1 in a large way. How machine guns affected World War One in a large way is machine guns were fist made and some countries refused the machine gun at first so the countries that had the machine guns would mow down the opponents who did not with ease .
How Machine guns affected world war one
The machine gun benefited ww1 in a good way because is rapidly fires bullets killing more enemieys .
They provided jobs for the counties making machine guns.
The machine gun could shoot longer distances compared to the bolt action rifles they were using at the time
about machine guns
The first machine gun was made shortly before ww1 in 1884 by sir Hiram maxim. When the first machine gun came out the British rejected to use it but the Germans on the other hand loved the idea.
Who used the first machine gun used in ww1
The first machine gun used in ww1 was used between the either the Austro-Hungarian forces and the Serbians or the Germans and the Russians.
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