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Timeline: History of Psychological Testing

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Jill Ricks

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Timeline: History of Psychological Testing

Timeline : History of Psychological Testing
Welcome to China
Welcome to France
1791 : Napoelin temporaliy abolished the examination system.

1833 : British began to use the system to select trainees for Indian Civil Service [British Civil Service]


(2013, 08). Psych Testing. StudyMode.com. Retrieved 08, 2013, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/Psych-Testing-1863723.html

2200 BCE: Xia Dynasty

Chinese emperor Yushun
examined officials every three years to determine if they could remain in their positions.
200-100 BCE: Qin Dynasty; Early Han Dynasty
Examination systems were discontinued.
Royal examinations began to occur
1368-1644 : Ming Dynasty

Examinations were valued and formal.

Claimed to be similar to university degrees.
1860s: United States
Proposal was made to congress to use similar system as the British system.

Civil Service began
Welcome to Germany
1879 : Wilhelm Wundt
Leipzig, Germany - Introduced the first psychological laboratory

Studies about the brain and nervous system
Senator Charles Sumner
Representative Thomas Jenckes
Alfred Binet : founded the first experimental psychology research laboratory in France.
Measuring intelligence becomes popular
1905 : Binet & Theodore Simon published the first test of mental ability (Binet-Simon Scale)
Known as the
founding father
of Modern Psychology

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