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Swimming !! :))

a insight into the wonderful sport !!

Emmie Cleaton

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Swimming !! :))

Double click anywhere & add an idea Swimming !! :) My favourite sport ... its fun, keeps you fit and is a great way to meet new people :) ... I swim 4 sometimes 5 times a week for RSC (Rugby Swimming Club) we train in preperation for the team galas, open meets, county and sometimes midland and national galas. training and the galas are reallyy good fun (if a bit tiring at times !!) i swim because i enjoy it and it keeps me fit (sort of !) and training during the week keeps me occupied so i don't get bored, i have made loads of great friends through the club and i think everyone should try it :) ... ... you don't necessarily have to be really fast to enjoy swimming ( i know that!) all you need is the will to learn and the drive to get stuck into something new !! ... Info... In swimming there are 4 main strokes ... Frontcrawl Backcrawl Breastroke and ... Butterfly this is my team ... why swimming ? ... swimming is proven to tone the
body and provide an excellent
cardivascular work out. In addition
to this it also improves the delivery of
oxygen to different parts of the body. swimming is often used by other athletes
as it is a great muscle healer, swimming also
increases stregth, flexibility and stregthens the heart. swimming is a sport that everyone can do, regardless of whether you are amazingly fit or not, it helps you gain confidence and improves your fitness and i think that everyone should give it a go !! :D this is the end of my presentation and i hope that you now know a little bit more about swimming ! (: some of the health benefits ...
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