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Descriptive paragraph

No description

Alex Guu

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of Descriptive paragraph

Writing #2
What are the 5 elements?
Think of 3 things you would change in the classroom to make it better and discuss with your partner.
Use the adverb clauses.
so that - because - since
when - whenever
despite the fact that - (even) though - although
this classroom is big and has a lot of windows, I think it would be better to have air conditioning.
Think of a person you admire (family, famous people, artists...)
Make a list of 4 reasons why you admire this person.
(talk about his/her appearance, personality, behavior and likes)
appearance: she had short gray hair and dark brown eyes
Likes: she loved to knit and liked to listen to Peruvian songs.
Personality: she was a homebody and an overachiever.
Write a descriptive paragraph about the person you admire.
Behavior: She always took care of us and....
1st paragraph
What is your writing going to be about?
2nd paragraph
What does this person look like? (Appearance)
3rd paragraph
What are this person's hobbies? (likes)
4th paragraph
What is this person like? (describe the personality and behavior)

* Use the nouns and adjectives for describing personalities. (6 new words)
* Adverb Clauses (4 minimum)
* Expressions for making general statements (2 minimum)
Remember that a descriptive paragraph
what a person or thing is like...
... so you should
include specific details

to help the reader (the teacher in this case) understand your subject.
Place a
when you
your sentence with the
adverb clause
I take my mom out whenever I have money.
Whenever I have money, I take my mom out.
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