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The Butterfly Circus

No description

Hurshdeep Rehal

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of The Butterfly Circus

Will's Character Development
The main character in this short film undergoes great development, as he gains confidence and inner strength by overcoming obstacles that he is encountering.
There is a lot of non-diegetic sound in The Butterfly Circus, and the music gives the audience a clear indication of the mood. The opening music of this short film is quite sorrowful, a direct embodiment of Will's feelings and perception of the world. He believes the world to be nothing but dark and cold, as that is all he has seen. Once Will is exposed to the bright side of this world, the non-diegetic music becomes more uplifting.
Though the film's main focus is Will, all of the characters in The Butterfly Circus help develop the theme significantly, as they all overcame a struggle so as to ultimately triumph and receive their reward of self-acceptance.
Film Techniques
The Butterfly Circus
ur a lil bitch
"The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."
In the short film "The Butterfly Circus", Joshua Weigel illustrates how triumph comes from overcoming struggles. Oftentimes, the greater the struggle, the more rewarding the triumph.
Anna was a prostitute who was thrown out of her house when she became pregnant and was no longer of any use to the madam. Mr. Mendez helped Anna overcome this conflict. He gave her hope and a place to confide in when no one else would. She joined the Butterfly Circus and came to peace with herself, and it gave her a sense of belonging.
George was an aggressive individual, who quite often expressed his anger through violence. He took advantage of his rare physical strength using it to cause harm to others. When He met Mr.Mandez, he began to use his strengths for the better. Instead of using his force for the worse, he displays his gift at the Butterfly Circus bringing entertainment and joy to others. He was soon known as 'The worlds strongest man'.
Poppy, is an elderly gentleman who would play the accordion on the street daily to acquire some spare change. Mr. Mendez came around and gave him a place to live and basically a second chance at life.

Opening Scene
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