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Adaptations of Red Foxes

No description

Quinn Matteson

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Adaptations of Red Foxes

Red Foxes
By: Quinn Matteson, Will Livingood, and Jack Hughes.
The Red Fox's Nose
The Red Fox's
The Red Fox's
The Red fox's
The Red Fox's Diet

Red foxes live in most of North America, Europe, Asia and half of
Australia. They prowl in forests and grasslands.
The Fox Forest
E.guides by Green, Jen
Mammals by Cragh, Carson
Foxes Hunting by Barrett, Jelma

The tail is 12 1/2 inches to 19 1/2
inches. It helps them balance while crossing rivers when crossing logs. A fox's tail is sometimes called a brush.
Red Fox's Fur
Foxes get their powerful sense of
smell from glands in their nose, and they can smell many things that humans cannot smell. Foxes have a cavity in their skull filled with paper thin bones. When it breathes its smell receptors send a signal to the fox's brain to recognize the scent.
Gland Noun
A gland is a part of the fox's body that helps the fox smell.
Red foxes have adapted greatly to the fast-changing planet we call Earth. This presentation is about how these amazing animals live and thrive on our great planet.
The red fox's sharp eyesight can let the fox see prey from far away at night. Although, they can not see colors well.
The Red fox's fur is not always red. It can be brown, white, and black. The thick and warm fur helps the fox survive in cold weather.
The Red fox will eat rabbits, mice, human trash, lemmings, pheasants , small birds, other small mammals and even your pet cat.
Fun fact
A fox has over
200,000 smell
receptors in
their nose which help them smell at night.
=where they live
Did you know?
All Red foxes are pretty similar. However, the Asian Red fox is a little bit bigger than most Red foxes.

Foxes have changed to live in our world, no matter where they live.

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