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No description

Hunter Ruffner

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of illuminati

The Illuminati are a Satanist conspiratorial group that exists in society today. Forming back in the late seventh hundreds this organization’s main goal was to create New World Order.

Beginning on May, 1st 1776 the name was developed from the name Bavarian Illuminati.

Today, it is said that one percent of the world is made up of this organization. These members are thought to be sculpted around the Freemasons.

The Illuminati is a highly secret group. Members who join are members for life. When one would join this group you must sell your soul. If someone would not want to participate in this organization anymore the price you must pay is death. Hollywood today is said to have many members who participate in this group

Major figures such as Jay-Z, Rihanna, Lady Gaga.

Throughout this organization it is said to have been associated with the Government. One way they predict this is true is on the American dollar.

www.itanimulli.com is one of the national security websites for the United States. This is the Illuminati spelled backwards. The Illuminati By: Hunter, Macey and Sean The most common way for people to recognize the Illuminati is through symbols.

The triangle, the eye, the goat head, the number three, and the colors black and white. Throughout Rihanna’s like one could tell the dramatic changes she has made. From a rising pop star her music has made a turn in the way she wants to come across to viewers. Some say it is from her joining this conspiratorial group, but others might not feel the same way. Her videos have expressed a more edgy and dark feeling. Her once bubbly and happy self-turned into a dark artist once she began working with Jay-Z. Rihanna displays all of the known symbols throughout her music videos. Most people do not realize how these symbols are hidden today in the media. Many know of the death of Tupac. He revealed in one of his special that he was unhappy and wanted nothing to do with this organization. Some conclude that members of the Illuminati had murdered him.

There was no evidence that he was actually murdered by members of the Illuminati, but some say that there are small hints here and there that say he was.

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The most known member was names Adam Weishaupt. He attend a university of Ingolstadt, this university help members that were freethinkers that was branched off of the Enlightenment.

Other members who were second in command were known as some small politicians. These members were also included in the original five members. Their names were Ferdinand of Brunswick, plus a diplomat named Xavier Von Zwack.

Among these members the organization grew from there. They began influencing New World Order to other people around the world.
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