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iPad - Effective Business Usage

Few of usefull apps that turn your iPad into powerfull business tool.

Pavel Kolenda

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of iPad - Effective Business Usage

iPad - Effective Business Usage
Kyle Levengood
Pavel Kolenda

Presented by:
Apps we'll discuss:
- Evernote
- Goodreader
- Genius Scan
- GoToMeeting
- ShareFile
- iPad security
Hands on....
App automatically saves and syncs your notes to cloud - so you never lose your information.
Take notes on your iPad and have them available on your Laptop, PC, iPhone, etc.
What does it do?
It allows you to view and annotate your PDF, Word, Excel, and Power Point files
It helps you organize your documents
It syncs with your DropBox so you can access your files from your computer
You can...
- Add sticky notes
- Type text into text boxes
- Freehand write
- Highlight text
- Draw arrows, lines, etc.
Then you can sync your files with your Dropbox...
files is available on
your Laptop and your iPad
Ideal for:
CPE materials
Documents to review (such as new pronouncements, articles, etc.)
Kiplinger Letter
Non-sensitive information
Genius Scan
What does it do?
- It turns your iPad or your iPhone into a portable scanner!
What can you scan?
- Documents
- Books
- Boards
- Bills and Receipts
How does it work?
1. Take a picture
2. Optimize document to either Black & White or Color and save it as PDF
3. Email scanned PDF or save it to your Dropbox
What can I use it for?
- When portable scanner is not available
- Use it for larger than usual paper formats (e.g. dot matrix printers, etc.)
- Bills and receipts for expense reports
- Notes taken on boards than can't be otherwise scanned
Two versions available:
- Free: Allows you to email scanned documents
- Paid $1.99: Allows you to export files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and other cloud services.
Tips for successful use:
- Make sure to have good and even lighting
- Try not to shake your hand as you take the picture
- Don't use flash
Available on iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone
What can it do?
- Join presentations and CPEs from anywhere using your iPad
- Participate in video conference
- No need to boot up your laptop
- Available on both iPad and iPhone
Dropbox is not Herbein official file sharing software; therefore, it should not be used for client sensitive documents.
Document Security Policy
None of the
files are to be stored on iPad or on iPhone
Files can be opened and viewed on iPad, but cannot be stored on the iPad, in case of device being stolen or lost
More information will be discussed later in the presentation
But don't use it for...
Don't use it for:
- Any client sensitive information, because it is stored on your iPad or iPhone and can be retrieved by a hacker if device is lost or stolen
What does it do?
- It allows you to access your documents stored in ShareFile from your iPad or iPhone
- ShareFile is Herbein official file sharing app and can be used for client documents

Make sure to change two following options:
- Do not allow to download files to your device
- Set up passcode different from your iPad passcode
- iPad is your personal device and you should not store clients' information on it
- Make sure to use passcode
- Set up "Find my iPad" service provided by Apple
- Use "smart" password
iPad Security
Find my iPad
What is Smart Password?
Password that is hard to guess
Uses a
to be different on every website
Is secure without you losing your mind
Example of a Smart Password
- Start with a good strong core of the password
- Then add variable element, such as three first letters of website you are using, eg. Dropbox.com
- If you need to change your password periodically, add number every time you change the password
Use iPad for taking notes, annotating documents, viewing files, participating in meetings, and scanning documents
Be careful with clients' documents - do not store sensitive information on your personal device
Take advantage of possibilities that iPad gives you
Let us know if you have any questions!
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